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Symptoms and treatment of acute enteritis along with diarrhea? Let's find out what foods can be eaten for enteritis.


Colitis, one of the most common diseases in cold winter weather, is caused by contact between people and food that has been contaminated due to norovirus. There are many infected patients in the winter due to their more active houses at lower temperatures.

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Acute enteritis

Bowel disease. Acute enteritis and chronic enterocolitis. Acute enteritis refers to acute inflammatory changes in the bowel path. The cause of the acute inflammatory change is called the name and case (eg, bacterial or viral enteritis).

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Symptoms of enteritis

If the inflammation is predominantly in the small intestine, it appeals to the pus, pus and stomach pain, bowel stomach pain, vomiting and vomiting. If the intestine is large, it can cause complaints of bowel pain and mucus, pushes or blood. Chronic enteritis refers to the change of chronic inflammation that is syndrome characterized by relatively long diarrhea or mysterious anomalies.

Chronic disorders are the main symptom of diarrhea, abdomen pain, digestive absorption disorder, and chronic cholitis is diarrhea, abdomen pain, and flowering abdomen.

Enteritis treatment

Most cases of mild dysitisitis are natural healing without special treatment, and some serious causes lead to complications such as dehydration and electrolyte abnormality. Therefore, adequate treatment of the case should be treated as well as treatment for water and electrolyte abnormalities.

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Good diarrhea

If you have a bad stomach when it is diarrhea, it's better to eat properly or unwantedly. When suffering from diarrhea, white rice with low fiber or kelp content is known to be good for diarrhea. As well as dead white rice pellets that are good for diarrhea, Peppint and Pumpkin are suitable.

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Food that can be eaten in enteritis

Bananas are good for diarrhea that can be eaten when diarrhea occurs. This is because potassium is extensive. Diarrhea can be compensated for diarrhea, which can lead to less diarrhea.

If you eat soft, inflexible to add to the water and carbohydrates, and if the food is difficult to eat, it's good to kill, mingling, sulking, teaspoon . Diarrhea can damage the bowel mucosa, which can lead to lactose intolerance. Therefore, dietary supplements should be avoided when you enter enteritis, and foods that are full of oil or flour should also be avoided.

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