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Sohn Hak-kyu, "Moon Jae-in government, has not come to lame lame" –


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Sohn Hak-kyu, head of the Supreme Future Party, said on December 20, "I'm worried that the Jae-inin Moon government has not already come to the lamb duck in many ways."

Sohn said, "I suspect that the awarding party and the decisive party will take the right order and lead the country," he said at the meeting of the general assembly and held in the National Assembly this morning.

Sohn Hak-kyu, president of the Supreme Party of the Future, a speech at the general assembly of the National Assembly of Seoul, / News

Sohn said, "The president of the economy and the economy has been unstable, the president and the decisive party have fallen unfavorablely, and the government already have gone into the scary duck. "

Sohn said, "How can the Mayor of Seoul go to the place where the protests against the extension of the flexible labor system agreed by the four parties apart from the Cause of Justice can go to the rally in University of Trade Unions Protest? " Park said, "The government and the governing party are losing their authority."

He also said about "Lee Hae Kyung-kyung" Lee Jae-myeong, saying, "The Democratic Party (Lee Hae-chan) asked me what correspondents would do and that & "No, I do not know if this is in the police side, or if there is a conflict in the power."

On the other hand, the right wing party will discuss whether to take part in the national boycott led by the Korean liberal government through the general assembly of the day. Kim Kwan-young, the decisive party's head, said, "The party in the very future has demanded that the government is investigating the elimination of the ruling, but the party that award still opposes. " The right party in the future is planning a parliamentary session, I seriously consider whether it's time to make a special decision. "

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