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She found Miss Jeju's daughter & # 39; mother body …


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A body that is believed to be the mother of a 3-year-old girl, who was found dead on the beach in Jeju, was found.

On the 7th, Jeju Maritime Police Station said, "We found that a body believed that he was the mother-in-law in the 7th quay at the Jeju port about 6:40 pm," said Jang, who confirmed his identity by CC (closed circuit) "The uniform is similar." When the body was found, it had a long hair, blue blue top and black pancake. The sea moves the body to an adjoining hospital and takes advantage of the correct identity.

A 3-year-old girl's body search has been launched on the Awol-eup coast of Jeju Island. / Provided by Jeju Marine Police Station

Jang's body was discovered by a fisherman amongst the 7th quay barrage from the Jeju gate. The site where the body was found is located approximately 10 kilometers along the coast from the Yongdam-dong coast, Jeju Alewuk-eup, where Daehan and daughter left their final march on the last day. At the time, in the CCTV video, Jang held her daughter and went down to the coast but did not catch up.

Earlier, Jang's daughter Jang-mo (3) was found dead at 6:36 pm on the 4th at Nhong Serennam in Aye-eup, the city of Jeju. As a result of the first autopsy, Joyang's signal was found to be drowned; typical. My mother, Jang, has been missing for six days and the police and seamen have been looking for 15km from Yongdam-dong, where the last law of mother and daughter was captured by Awol -up, where the girl's body was found.

He left his home in Pyeongju, Gyeonggi Province, and came to Jeju on the 31st last month. I did not order the return ticket. Jean did not inform his parents that he was going to Jeju, and his father reported his disappearance on the last day.

The police confirmed that Jang had bought lightweight guns, butane gas, triggering tools, milk and cup noodles from a center near the hotel on afternoons on afternoons. I also had a smoke detector in a bathroom & hostel. Jang could make extreme choices & # 39; with a girl.

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