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Sejong City Apartment Night Blows · · · Nightmares start the floor noise


Image of the floor floor of the apartment. [중앙포토]

Image of the floor floor of the apartment. [중앙포토]

In the apartment complex in Sejong City, 40 seriously injured people defrauded their neighbors because of floor noise caught by the police.

According to Sejong Police Station on the 5th, A (47), who lived on the 15th floor in a flat complex in Sejong City, died at 10:27 pm the previous day, stabbing Mr B (46) Mr A stayed on the stairs on the day, but he was severely wounded by rocking dozens of times with his weapon when he saw Mr B on the lift.

Mr B, who had been lying in the heavily blooded corridor, was found by other residents and reported to 119, who were transferred to a nearby hospital and treated at the ICU. A was injured in the wearing of a weapon, and was treated urgently in hospital.

A police officer said, "Mr B often complained that he had been stressed with the door shut. I was angry when he refused," I was asleep when I insisted that there was a strange noise, "and" I heard of Mr B from the staircase downstairs. "

A police officer said, "Although Mr A says he has committed a crime after struggling with floor noise, he needs a statement from Mr." Mr B, who lives on the floor below due to the interstate noise, further investigate that it has wasted the weapon. "

The police are going to apply for arrest warrants after investigating the exact circumstances as the motive of the offense by placing A on the allegation of attempted murder.

Sejong = Shin Jin-ho, Choi reporter Jong-soo [email protected]

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