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Restaurant Alley & # 39; Baek Jong-won "I can not even deceive if the broadcast is cheated" … Fury House is afraid

Baek Jong-won was angry with the behavior of the family and the Son.

On May 21, Baek Jong-won BBS Baek Jong-won Alley Restaurant & # 39; (now called Alley Restaurant & # 39;) among a check.

On this day, Baek Jong asked – to ask what he had done over the last week.

So the family's son said that he had practiced the practice of chicken chopping and making a sauce. However, he learned to make a sauce from a day before visiting Baek Jong-won. "I knew I had to do that," he said.

Baek Jong-reward showed his dissatisfaction to the Hong-tak family son who said he had made a sauce. But to tell the story of his son who's going to work hard, I decided to trust and try to make chicken. So, the Family of the Son of Hong and the chicken showed before Baek Jong-won. His appearance of 5 dog exercise a day for a week was so unusual.

Baek Jong – told me to do the process until just before roasting chicken frying rice. So rice was prepared after it was frozen with chicken. However, he did not work on the chicken because he practiced chicken breaking without studying chicken.

Hong son changed his words saying he could make a sauce without a recipe. My son was busy because he could not even find the material, and his mother, who was less able to do this, informed me incredibly. Baek Jong – he quietly won and watched his son making a sauce.

In Baek Jong – a direction to win a sauce for one person, Son Hong's son made an incredible amount of sauce. When Baek Jong-won asked, "How many touches is this?" Shake his head

Using his spoon every minute in making a sauce, washing his hens by washing dishes, caused his deeds, who had no knowledge of kitchen work, Baek Jong's anger.
Image"I do not know what you're doing," said Baek Jong-won, "but I did not realize that you did not realize what you were doing." He added.

"I do not know what the world is scared," said Baek Jong-won, "and the world is not so easy to do. I do not want to be in the world, but I can not do it because I can not cheat because of the hype I do not fear the world How can my mother carry my face?

"I do not think it's a good thing to have a camera, but it does not stop there," said Baek Jong-won. I can not easily facilitate my feelings.

"I do not know how I live so far, but I can not do this," said Baek Jong-won, "I'll die when I die and I can not do it. I do not want to have to go to & The counter and trying to count the money, "he said.

Jae-won said, "The restaurant is not easy, because it does not have a lovely person, and it does not suffer from restaurant and kitchen work. Why does your mother suffer? I did it. When I was determined, what is this? "Finally, Baek Jong asked – invite his son yet to ask him," Do you want to stop? "

After that, Baek Jong won – his seat and left only his mother and son. My mother cleared her head quietly as if she were a sinner. A son sitting in the corner of the kitchen and thinking for a long time.

My mother told her son, "Buy a chicken, and I'll let you know how to get the chicken." Then the son said, "Do not do it." He took his apron and went out. Especially when I left my mike apart from the garage, it made my mom worry.

After a long time, the mother brought her son back to the store. And the son received his apron and had a microphone again. The son was put on his microphone again and wrapped around again. At that time, the mother only went to the chicken house, bought the cooked chicken, and returned to the store. When her mother was away, her son saw the chicken he had trimmed.

Time was transferred again, and the son took his sword and began to take care of the chicken. I expected a different son. However, in the next trailer broadcast at the end of the broadcast, Baek Jong-won and the son of the Hong-tak family, who have been conflicting with another, have been disclosed, raising questions about the development the future.

(Editor SBS funE Kim Hyo Jeong)

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