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`Real man, Oh Ji-ho, heartless sergeant in training? O Yoon Ah, and X `


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The actor Oh Ji-ho is hitting heart & # 39; over his head during the training.

The "Real Manai 300" MBC entertainment program (directed by Min Seok Choi) is broadcast at 9:55 pm on the 16th, and "Warrior Dog" 10, and a special warrior challenged to join 300 Warriors & # 39; The second story of the pub is disclosed. They will challenge the evaluation process and the final test to become 300 Honorary Warriors & # 39; with special warriors, etc., following the 3rd Army Military Academy.

The real 300 revealed that type of steel with the location of the surprise "Heart" ceremony (?

Ji-ho in the picture that was released on this day looks serious and makes heart with two hands on his head and wears his eyes. This leads to the question that O Ji-ho, who was a demonstrator during the mobile landing education, had made a successful ceremony or not (?) Not knowing himself in the process of reporting to the trainer on after the demonstration.

The trainer who has received the "heart" assault (?) Is not "heart!" He said his "heart" said.

In the following picture, I can catch the figure Oh Yoon-who laughs and laughs who are struggling to laugh, and expects the genius of embarrassment of the real scene.

"The real men said 300," Ace Ojie said suddenly on his head in training, and laugh mines show his development. I hope he will confirm what happened to him through the broadcast, "he said.

On the other hand, the real 300-day maniac, which is challenging the second stage award for 300 Warriors & # 39; The Army, including 10 people, including Oh Yoon Ah, Ahn Hyun Soo, Kim Jae Hwa, Matthew Duma, Hong Seok, Oh Ji Ho, Lee Jung Hyun, broadcast at 9:55 pm on the 16th.

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