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Pyeongchang Curling Syndrome "Team Kim" Players "Exit, Defamed" Exposure –


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The national team of the crew women suffered, which caused the curling syndrome; at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics, from the financial resources and internal projects of the Curling Federation, and the frustration of the Second World Cup held in the United States in the next month was frustrating. "He said.

Kim Min-jung, director of Kim Jong-owed, coach sponsor Kim Min-jung, and Kim Min-jung, who was the father of Kim Min-jung, made rantings to the players and which raised questions about training absence. "

Kim Team Game

"It was obviously tasted in front of the players, and after the Olympics, I was invited to a Kim Min-jung son's day care event without knowing about the English language."

Kim Kyun-ae, Kim Sun-young, Kim Soo-hee, Kim Kyun-ae, Kim Seon-yong and Kim Cho-hee from the Gyeongbuk Athletic Society women's curling team asked a thorough investigation of June 6 through send a call to the Gyeongbukdo and Uesung Sports Association- PyeongChang did not receive the money and incentives received from various events after the Olympic Games and he had never had a cash prize for the players so far.

Curling players belonging to Team Kim & # 39; like & control group & # 39; from the Korea Sports Council after the Pyeongchang Olympic Games, and chaired by Kim Kyung Doo, former chairman of the Gyeongbuk Athletics Association, I see. It was reported that the players of Team Kim & # 39; have been abolished by the Qualifying Women's Curling Women's Tournament in August.

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