Thursday , January 20 2022

President's approval rating down 55.4% · · for 6 consecutive weeks


SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – Roh Moo-jin President's approval grade for the National Assembly has fallen for the sixth consecutive week with a 55.4 percent reduction in the previous week.

Survey of survey respondents visited CPS Real Metropolitan Corporation 2503 voters aged 19 or over across the country between 5 and 9 on the 12th, released on October 5th October 5 (95% confidence level) , a sample error ± 2% p, 7.4%), 55.4% of respondents said that Mr Moon was doing well in the administration.

The unfair appraisal said that it was wrong was 38.3% (very poor 22.9%, 15.4% wrong side) which was 0.8% increasing compared to last week. Anonymous and non-notices increased by 1% p to 6.3%.

The approval rate, which ended at 55.9 per cent in the first two days, rose to 56.6 per cent on the first day of the first meeting of the permanent council. It was down to 55.9 per cent on the 6th day of the presidential office of presidential office of the presidential office, and dropped to 54.3 percent on the 7th day of the announcement of high level talks in North America and the review of the National Pension Scheme.

On the 8th, when the comprehensive measures to reduce dust were released, he re-entered to 56.1%. However, on the 9th, when the news was changed about the "economic spell", it dropped to 55.7% and remained constant during the 50% half.

The real meter said, to the contrary, "The case is about reforming the national pension system and replacing the deputy prime minister and president of the office of presidential office of the presidential office of the presidential office, as well as on the other hand, "said the researcher.

In the case of party support, the Democratic Party recorded a 40.7% reduction in the previous week by 0.6% p. Following by the Liberal Democratic Party (20.7 per cent), the Party of Justice and Development (8.4 per cent), the Future Right Party (7.3 per cent) and the Democratic Peace Party (2.6 per cent) .

Details are available on the RealMeter home page and the Central Public Opinion Review Committee.

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