Friday , May 27 2022

Pre-girlfriend Ronaldo, Irina Shark, is in her underwear … "Bradley Cooper is so good half"


[이창규 기자] Irina Shark's photos of the past are attracting attention.

Irina Shark posted a lun in her instagram in July.

In the public picture, Shark is in his underwear, taking himself in the mirror. In particular, its body attracted full of abs and solid volume attention to viewers.

Irina Shark Instagram
Irina Shark Instagram

The netizens who responded to the questionnaire responded in a variety of ways, including "Perfect Body", "Are you a mother?" And "I Bradley Cooper."

Irina Shark, who made her first in the Sport Illustrated 2007 (SI) swimwear model, with former footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

After a break with Ronaldo, he has met with Bradley Cooper, and a daughter, Lea, was born in March last year.

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