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Pearl Abis is launching a Black Desert Diversification Strategy & # 39;


Xbox Black Dial & # 39; the show … New preparation

Pearl Abys is not only investigating new markets for the "Black Desire" series, but also preparing for the launch of new ones.

According to the industry on November 11, Pearl Abis accelerates the development of new platforms for the Black & White Series series; and expanding overseas service areas. On the other hand, there are intermittent preparations for a new line, including "Eve Online".

In August, Pearl Abys launched her Black Desert Mobile & # 39; in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, and took the first phase in global market penetration. Since then, he has provided large-scale updates, such as a baseball and Nightmare game, twice as fast as Korea, and has attracted a local response.

Pearl Abis plans to expand overseas service areas such as Japan and Southeast Asia. First, he aims to launch Japan in the first quarter of next year. They are also preparing to update content in world control, previous systems and desert areas.

The online game Black Desert Online PC & # 39; Also to make a new jump by updating the remaster that improves great graphics and sound quality. Last month, in Twistock Cone 2018 & # 39; held at San Jose Conference Center in San Jose, California, new character was revealed Archer & # 39; and attract attention.

It is expected that Perl Abys will continue to trend up with communicating with local users through overseas game shows of this type. In addition, the company intends to stabilize its foreign operations by turning publication into the Russian region in its own service and improving profitability.

The online console market and mobile console market are also on the increase. On August 8, Pearl Abys began the public service of the Xbox One version in North America and verified the integrity.

The Xbox Black Desert & # 39; with 15 administrators prepared on the first day. As a result, the company has been showing signs of opening the market by doubling its current server capacity to 30.

Black Desert Online & # 39; has already enjoyed popularity in the western region early, with a steam sale of more than 1.2 million units in North America and Europe. In North America and Europe markets, the console market is more than an online PC, so the expectation to perform the Xbox Black Dial & # 39; is big.

Pearl Abies will have an Xbox version test service by the 12th. Its aim is to launch in North America and Europe this year.

Microsoft Chief Executive, Satia Nardelli, recently visited Korea and met CEO Dae-il Kim, chairman of Pearl Abys, and June Kyung-in, who were told to discuss future collaboration plans. Both companies are currently working closely with each other in many ways, and this Xbox version of "Black Desire" is a great example of this partnership.

Pearl Abys is actively working on expanding its influence in the global market with a heavy move, such as recent acquisition of the CCP Eve Online Games recently. In addition, through the acquisition of CCP Games, it is said to have secured three new works, including Project Nova, Eve Ecoz, and Eve of Of Ascension.

Project Nova & # 39; in FPS that combines sight of Eve & # 39; the world and being developed as a PC game and comfort. Eve ECOZ & # 39; is a SOR MMORPG mobile game made using Eve & # 39; IP and feeds made by China Netiz. Eve War of Ascension & # 39; is a SF strategy mobile game.

The OMEGA project, PC and console game is also generated with completely new IP work. Pearl Avis also said that MMO FPS Project K & # 39; Project V & # 39; Casual MMOs are also being developed with the launch aim next year.

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