Friday , May 27 2022

Park, Jung-woo, BH marks a unique contract "Expect to study in Hanjeong"[공식]


Park Chung-woo becomes the BH entertainment family.

BH Entertainment said on December 13, "I signed a contract with Park Jung-woo."

Park Jung-woo has won the 300 million global vision view and in the 1 and 2 season of a love playlist webcam & # 39; who won popular popularity, played the brilliant banner, and he held the emotion with the appearance of a standing appearance and an attractive poor voice. He has recently participated in the short film "Dezuri Island", which has recently surpassed 40 million viewers, as the voice of a youth singer.

After appearing on the music video of singers with sweet voices such as Paul KIM and Kwak Jae-jin, he has been actively involved in film production, showing grower performances that focus on listeners' attention.

Park Jung-woo is also a promising candidate in the advertising industry, including a promotional video from Seoul City Hall, as well as an advertising model, including Melon X Cacao Mini, Unicolo, Google Assistant,

Park Jung-woo, who has exhibited various skills in different fields, has signed a unique deal with BH Entertainment and continues to seriously activate activities. Park Jung-woo, who is in the National University of Arts's acting department, will develop the potential and talents of new actors active on the basis of its intense attitude towards action and desire to win.

BH Entertainment, a leading Korean actress member, such as Lee Byung-hun, Jung-tae, Ko Soo, Jung-Ku, Lee Hee-joon, Han Ji-min, Han Hyo-joo and Kim Go-eun, said Proven performances and flexibility, There are great potential for acting shares and passion for action. We will exchange fully and fully support them. "

Correspondent Cho Yeon Kyung [email protected]

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