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November 14 is World Diabetes Day,


Various events related to diabetes in the city of Chungju

(Tong Correspondent Ilbo, Yoon correspondent, Kyu-sing) Bio-specialized City Diabetes Chungju City strives to make a city safe from diabetes.

According to the city, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and World Health Organization (WHO) designate November 14 as World Diabetes Day; every year, emphasizing the risk and importance of diabetes.

The number of diabetic domestic patients is 5 million, the number of patients before diabetic is 8.7 million, and the number of patients with diabetic or diabetic patients before diabetic increases rapidly.

As a result, the city health center carried out a blood sugar test for diabetes detecting early in the city hall lobby from 2pm on the 14th, World Diabetes Day; on the 14th.

The diabetes education center, which was opened in July last year, has been discussing what to do to prevent diabetes at 2:00 p.m. daily and how to control diabetes and how to control and control diabetes without complications .

In addition, the mobile diabetes prevention project is also in place for the junior pre-diabetic phase capable of using a smartphone under 60.

In addition, we have been undergoing blood pressure, blood sugar test, obesity measurement, and classroom cooking guidance for 3 secondary school students and completing college entrance exams.

Ahn Kyu-sook, the main health center, explained, "The management of diabetes is a way of life that healthy people without diseases should exercise." He explained the importance of preventing diabetes by saying, "Practical healthcare for the management of diabetes will make you healthier than healthy people." . News

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