Saturday , December 5 2020

MK News – Woori Bank launches PR Ambassador; who is twenty years old

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Description of the imageAt the opening ceremony of the "sixteen year old" ambassador at Woori Bank headquarters in Seoul, Korea, Son Tea-seung, president of Woori Bank (center) [사진 제공 = 우리은행]

The Woori Bank announced on the 19th that the ambassador's opening ceremony for the twenty-two college student was in the headquarters in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 16th.

On 20, we are a new & youth brand; from Woori Bank, and the college's public relations team was selected by the public in October. We will promote the Woori Bank for around five months with 120 years of youth and plan and produce the content of public relations that the 20s will share.

In particular, it is possible to participate in the development process by designing products and events for younger customers.

Sohn Se-seung, president of the Bank of Woori, said, "We will share the concerns of young people who live in this time and support their dreams. We will strive to make our new story and 20 year olds agree."

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