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MK News – Faith breaks down and sins are settled … Termites in the desert & # 39;


On the ceiling, the sand is excellent & # 39; fall. There are many small pieces of light sweepers against a 100-year-old house background. The cancer is spread with the shake. This is the decline of the lineage that controlled the area for a century. A small light that falls away is a termite built in a house under a house. A group of terms that quietly calmed the house was blown over at present, and an unusual immortality mansion was almost destroyed.

The termite is in the desert, a memorial to the opening of Theater S & # 39; at the Sejong Performing Arts Center, based on a house that became a habitat for termites.

The owner of the house is a public minister of a young minister. He was a lawyer but became the minister of a large church after his father. The house was the first church in the area and the owner of the house was the owner of the church for generations.

The majority of those who are members of the church pray for this house and pray for a good fortune. So, the wood in this house yard did not even have to suffer in extreme drought.

But the splendid mansion was rotating in. Although the trees in the neighborhood disappear in the drought, the tree is not dried because the termites constantly suck in the moisture and nutrients of && & # 39; keep under this house.

It's as if the master of this house had spoken spiritually on the outside and made all kinds of injustice in them.

Termites in the Desert & # 39; is the creative drama of Hwang Jeong Eun chosen through the Metropolitan City Creation Script & # 39; 2018 Seoul, and director of the Metropolitan Theater of Seoul Theater were responsible for directing.

At a press conference held at S Theater on December 12, Hwang wrote, "I am pleased to be able to present my work as an opening work," and he tells the audience what They have a faith in life, one who can have faith, I wanted. "

The stage was originally designed with a prosa (front phase) in mind, but it was adapted to a three stage phase in line with S & S features, a 300-seat black box location.

Kim said, "It was hard to explain this play well during a proscenium period." "I use the S-Theater feature to set the seats alongside to express the 100% area of ​​a house and court, I changed the structure."

The play draws the tension between trying to hide the reality of a falling house and to reveal the truth.

The owner of the mansion, Ichiro, meets Emilia, an insect researcher who claims these kings cause this strange phenomenon.

Then, a mysterious woman came from the name & Jim Ji Han & # 39; at Seok Pil, revealing the secret of his father's father Taesik & # 39; that day 15 years ago.

Hwang writes, "I believe he is not irrelevant to his father's sin, but he wanted to correct it with a small sin of sin in his place." I wanted to keep the question. "

The actor Kim Joo-wan, who plays the role of Seokpil, says, "Seok Pil believes he is a victim of his family but it is an inevitable crime and he is the owner of the house now." He interpreted as it meant he had pulled to the house "s pressures.

Tickets are priced at R $ 30,000 and $ 20,000.

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