Sunday , October 2 2022

MK News – Eira Palisade's & Hyundai Mode


Hyundai revealed his "Eira Mode" experiment video, which will be installed in a large SUV, Palisade, through its own HMG TV media channel and an official social network service (SNS) on the 20th. Palisade is the leading model of the Hyundai Motor SUV, which will be released later this month. In the Palisades, the first snow mode is applied as a domestic SUV.

Performance tests were carried out in Arjeplog, a small town in northern Sweden, close to the Arctic Circle.

It's a hard area that goes down to less than 40 degrees in winter and has strict conditions for driving cars such as snowflakes and icebeds. The power of snow quickly controls the power of each wheel so that it can even travel in this environment.
Snow mode is a function that helps to escape the enemy by concentrating power on the wheels that have a relatively high power when some of the four wheels are inactive in the snow or in the air . In the video, the Palisade's left wheel that was always driving the 4 wheel drive (AWD · Yr All Wheel Drive) was always in the air and the situation was inactive. The vehicle sensor recognized 0.02 seconds and the power control began.

Hyundai Motor official said: "We sent researchers every two years during the winter season to Arjeflog and developed the best management logic by carrying out tests of over 6000km in different ways. I look forward to enjoying outdoor activities in safe. "

Palisade will be unveiled for the first time in the world at the Los Angeles Auto Show on October 28 (local time). Soon, we will start receiving pre-contracts for domestic customers.

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