Tuesday , May 17 2022

Merkel, Trump and all have set up Mark Long … "European troops should be established"


The German Chancellor Angela Merkel faced US President Donald Trump with strong support for President Emmanuel Mark Long, who insisted on creating European readers on Tuesday.

Merkel said in a speech in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, "Someday we have to work with a vision to create a real and real European army."

"Europeans will show the world that there will be no war between the nations of the European Union," he said.

The comments came as President of France, Mr. Mark Long a Mr. Trump, set up their positions on the issue of the creation of the European Army before and after the end of the First World War ceremony held in Paris on November 11th.

"We must defend ourselves against China, Russia and even the US," said Mark Long. "We will not protect Europe unless we are determined to have a real European army."

Trump, who returned home after attending the memorial ceremony, expressed strong dissatisfaction with comments on the right to create a European soldier by President Mark Long.

President Trump said yesterday he was on his way to the post, "President Mark Long proposed to create an army of defense of Europe from US, China and Russia, but in the second world war and Second, German was German. "Before we came to the United States, I started learning German in Paris," he said. "Pay or contribute to the North Atlantic Agreement Organization!"

"The problem is that President Marc Long suffers a very low rate of 26 per cent in France and an unemployment rate of almost 10 percent," he said. "He wanted to move on to another subject," said Trump.

Merkel also criticized President Trump before the presidential election of the United States, saying, "The First World War shows us what a destructive margin is."

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