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Lee Jae-bok's orders eliminate employment & # 39; on public organizations


(Yonhap News)

(Yonhap News)

Lee Jae – baek, the Minister for Employment and Labor, ordered headteachers of public agencies under the Ministry of Employment to take a lead in tackling pollution.

The minister said at a meeting of the heads of public agencies at the Seoul Regional and Regional Employment Office on December 16, "The public criticism for recruiting employment in the public sector," We will strengthen our efforts to disclose and establish principle of not disclosing if we are caught. "

There were 11 employees of the public welfare corporation, the Occupational Safety and Occupational Health Agency of Korea, and the Korean Industrial Human Resources Corporation at the meeting.

These ministers and heads of public agencies adopted the "Solicitor for Exercise Exercise", which promised to lead to pollution tackling, including hiring, racism, money laundering and gangs before the meet.

After adopting the decision, the minister said, "Each organization should strengthen its efforts to monitor and detect pollution and establish the principles of non-compliance if it is caught." "I hope you will be determined."

The Minister raised the need for the innovation of public organizations and said, "The innovation of public institutions is not far away, but it actively reflects local residents and calls customers, or uses AI (artificial intelligence ), large data etc, "There's a lot of effort."

"The chief executive officer should make efforts so that employees can participate actively and voluntarily in innovation activities by establishing an appropriate innovation and compensation promotion system."

He said, "The government should play a leading role in the main employment employment policies, such as employing disabled people and the favorable purchase of social enterprise products." "In public organizations with difficult employment conditions, he said.

Heads of public agencies who attended the meeting promised to promote public organizational reforms, such as gathering public opinion, and implementing decisions on the administration of accuracy administration.

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