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KT, 5G-swp early early business in the future


KT reorganized 16 days to put pressure on the next generation food business that focuses on 5G communication, which is about to be traded. 5G began to recognize service development as a real business area. 5G business B2B.

Future projects and platforms were upgraded from unit to unit. It means we will accelerate the search for food outside the telecommunications convergence business. We have also added strength to organizations that have been researching a village and developing as AI and block chains.

The traffic, including the wireless and wireless telecommunications business and the media business, is responsible for a large part of the current sales, and the sales & After supporting it, it has been reorganized.

Kim In-bae will be the control tower of the KT Group. In addition, it is worth noting that the personal composition of the network, marketing, customers and media, global media and business platform business, led by the president and vice president, are in harmony.

The reorganization of President Hwang Chang-kyu will focus on accelerating the 5G business, putting heavy pressure on the balance between the main business and the new business and the harmony of the current employees. In addition, the point that the width of the promotion and the idea of ​​organizational restructuring are drawn at an earlier point than the average year, and the analysis of the suggested blueprint at the time of the opening strongly is led to the result.

■ A dedicated 5G organization

The head of the network department and marketing division, leading the 5G business, will continue to be led by Oh Sung Mok and Vice President Lee Phil Jae respectively . PyeongChang has not recognized the achievements and abilities of the Olympics since its launch and commercialization.

It is pleasing that a particular organization that will be put in full efforts to develop a 5G service taking into account the fact that it is ready for the commercialization service next month immediately.

5T KT business headquarters have launched in the network sector and then moving to market. If we were to focus on the choice of sellers and networking in the network sector, we have focused on developing a general business model in the marketing sector this year.

Following the reorganization on a regular basis in 2019, 5G business headquarters were upgraded as an oversight & wireless business organization such as LTE. 5G business headquarters are responsible for the whole wireless business, accounting for 35% of the company's sales at 3Q.

Park Hyun-jin, Head of Wired / Wireless Business Division, is leading the 5G business. 5G, and LTE, as well as wireless business such as Giga.

A separate organization deals with the B2B market (B2B). The company intends to set up a 5G platform development team and work on the B2B business other than the 5G business in the B2C area.

■ Reinforcing food business combination

The Future Convergence Business Promotion Office has been responsible for finding future businesses that have taken a step forward as a platform business in the future. It is an organization that adds the Stage Business Planning Office together with the Future Convergence Business Promotion Office. Energy, large data, security, etc. were expected to achieve full-scale results.

Lee Dong-myeong's Future Stage business unit leader, who led KT's research and development department (leading to the convergence technology center).

The Future Stage Business Division has recently established a Biz Hours Center, which focuses on finding new businesses. In other words, at the same time as discovering a new business, future business will be taken as a main business through 5G trading.

The block chain center, which was recently established at Fusion Technology Institute this year, moved to a future platform business department with the president of Dong-myeon who established the organization as a BLOCK CHAIN ​​biz center.

Yoon Kyung-rim, vice president, who has led the business discovery in the future, will take the global business. The global business department is also one step up of the global business promotion room.

The global business is a strategy to sell the platform business to the global market. It is noteworthy that the company expands its global consulting executive team to provide technical support for overseas projects and get corporate support for overseas markets.

Jeon Hong-boom, who has been promoted as vice president, will assume the role of the Institute of Convergence Technology. KT has transformed into the role of research and development head in the key role.

The Director of Jeon Hong-five led directly to the development of new KT technologies since the PyeongChang Olympic Games 5G pilot service.

In addition, KT's artificial intelligence business has upgraded to be directly under the head of the marketing department.

■ Business of the media, as a growth machine

The business of the media will be added to the current customer segment, which will be led by the CEO.

After absorbing KT Media Hub, a separate connection, to KT headquarters, it was absorbed to the marketing headquarters. Since then, we have moved to the customer department, who is responsible for the sale of consumers, and we will work to develop services that are easy to use.

Prior to a regular organization reorganization, at the end of August, KT made a greeting to cable and wireless integration among its distribution network vendors. With the launch of the customer and media department, as well as integrating wire and wire sales, the company has been able to create a structure for synergies between the site and the main office.

The Media Platform Business Division, which will continue to be an IPTV Number 1 competitor, has strengthened its position in customer and media business. In addition, a new media business group has been established for the development of an IPTV business and new media.

Kim In-Bay, which is promoted as the sole president of the KT Group, will assume the role of the control tower. He is a person who has led the launch of a professional bank on the Internet and has helped Hwang, Chang-kyu.

Kim In-hee, who is moving from the secretariat to the management planning department together with the promotion of the president, will be responsible for KT and KT group lives. To achieve this, the group management team transferred to the management planning department led by Kim In-cheon.

In addition, the Daegwan organization is a little smaller. The organization that changed its name to the Business Co-operation Division included the Communication Cooperation Room and the Future Cooperation Room. Based on the unit of work, the organization is transformed into business and the organization responsible for it is reduced.

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