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[JLPGA] 3 Korea reports first cases of super … Ahn Seon-ju is a second runner


[골프한국 조민욱 기자] The third prize won the Hwang beautiful (31) at the Ito En Ladies Golf Tournament (a total of 100 million yen), which is 36 Japanese Women's Professional Golf (JLPGA) tour.

Last day of the tournament held at Great Island Golf Club (par 72 · 6,741 yards) in the province of Chiba on November 11th. In the third round, Hwang scored three birds with four wings. He finished in 13-par-203 with a single-stroke problem over Anseonju (31) and Nagai Ghana (Japan). The silver prize is 18 million yen.

Hwang's beautiful hands played peat maker in the 18 holes (par 4), decorated with excitement, tension and joy, digging. "I feel like a 10cm long putt when I feel pressures," said Hwang. "I did not think I won this tournament," said Hwang in an interview with the JLPGA. I took a break. "Today is a very long day," said the tension final.

Matsudairi (Japan), who was the only leader in the second round, finished the second round of the stalls on his own, but Hwang was beautifully climbing to the lead with a bird in the two three pairs 5 and 5. In the second half, he made a bird on the 11th hole (par 4) with 13 holes (par 5). Meanwhile, Anseonju had a bird on the 10th, 12th and 13th holes, and then Huangbu and Nagai Ghana hit the sites by sweeping three successive birds on the holes 15 and 17.

Hwang gave a lovely bird to the 16th hole (par 4). He left 157 yards and dropped a second shot with six iron to a hole of 3.5 meters, and passed away from the obstruction with a nice butterfly. Hwang said beautifully, "In the end, Nagai Kana was pro frightened."

Hwang went beautiful to the JLPGA tour stage in 2007 and did not make a wonderful performance until June this year after reporting for its first winner at Yamaha Ladies in April 2009. In July, however, the atmosphere changed dramatically when he won Daito Gentakuji Yaenet Ladies was his second wins in the JLPGA tour in nine years. In the second half of this year, a winner in the NEC Karuizawa golf tournament 72 added in August, he added to the championship competition in each competition. And win the third season.

What's on the ground has changed? "I've had such a great feeling so I can protect the Seed for a long time, but I feel comfortable with the first win of the season, and I've probably won it 2 wins and 3 wins. " "Golf has gone badly in the past," he said. "80 per cent golf is mental and technology is 10 percent to 20 percent," he said.

Hwang won the silver prize of 87,968,325 yen with three wins of this season and this is the sixth place in this section. Depending on the results of the other two games, it can be more than 100 million yen. Hwang was beautiful, "I do not see the recent personal title sites, such as how much I earn." "Are you not better about 90 million yen? I'm very happy and very proud."

The Korean players who played on JLPGA this season have joined 14 awards. Ahn Seon-ju won a winner, Huang won a beautiful and Shin Ji-ae (30) to win three victories, Lee Min-young (26), Hee-kyeong Bay (26) and Yoo So-yeon (28)

Ahn Seon-joo, who ran in the first prize, finished in 12-par-204 with a silver prize of 8 million yen in a second place to become 174,384,885 yen. The second prize winner, Shin Ji-ae, finished at 9-under-par 207 with a total of 6,300,000 yen to add to the prize money of 13,352,529 yen.
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