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Intel Core i5-10400F and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Combination to Build the Best Cost-Performance Gaming PC


[smartPC사랑=임병선 기자] NVIDIA GeForce is a recent issue among general gamers RTX 3070to be. GeForce RTX 3080A geforce RTX 3090Unlike GeForce, which was priced to a degree and performance was the strongest of the previous generation. RTX 2080 TiBecause it does not collapse compared to.

GeForce as a graphics card RTX 3070If you chose CPUIt’s time to choose. CPUA few years ago, Intel, AMDResponsible for cost performance, Things have changed recently.. AMDRyzen of high performance CPUThe price became expensive as he established himself as, Intel is pursuing a strategy to increase cost performance by lowering the price to a reasonable amount..

High performance without worrying about price CPUOf course if you choose AMDo CPUBut, If you’re thinking about cost performance, Intel CPU Better. Especially mid-range gamesPCSuitable core in construction i5 The lineup is this core 10The cost performance is good even in the generation. Intel Core with built-in graphics chipset removed i5-10400FRamen can increase the cost-performance ratio. price is 12a month 4Daily price comparison ranking based on the lowest cash price.

Intel Core i5-10400F

Recently released games use multiple cores, therefore CPUYou can expect superior performance to enjoy the game with. 5Up to a year ago 4Most of the games use the core, but the games that have recently gained immense popularity 6 ~ 8Use the core.

Intel Core Series 7Up to the generation, quad-core was the end,, 8Core of Hexa or higher from generation to generation CPUShowing. 4core 4The core where the thread was at the end i5Degree 6core 6Upgrade to thread, 10The Comet Lake of the GenerationS.come in 6core 12It became a thread. This is why it shows great performance even in games that use multiple cores..

core i5-10400Is the previous generation Core i5-9400Beyond the performance of the core i7-8700Equivalent to performance 6core 12In thread. Core clock 2.9GHz, Turbo clock 4.3GHz, cash 12MBPossesses, 8 · 9The core of a generation i5 Threads against processor 2Doubling. Specifically, when an external graphics card is installed, the core without the built-in graphics chipset is not in use i5-10400FExcellent cost performance. price is 169,200win.


Graphics card performance is important when driving high performance games. At this point, if you choose a graphics card with good performance when weighing the cost performance, GeForce RTX 3070I wonder if this is it. The price is approx 70About 10,000 have been won, GeForce had the highest performance of the previous generation RTX 2080 TiSimilar to. GPU His own performance is good, Ray tracking or DLSS With all the advanced features, GeForce RTX 2080 TiIt also exceeds performance.

In addition, Even for games that do not require high performance, a high performance graphics card is essential for producing high frames by connecting to a gaming monitor using a high refresh rate.. GeForce RTX 3070 Degree OverwatchI. BattlefieldThe same game FHD ~ QHD By adjusting the options in the decision 144I can enjoy it more than frame.

ASUS KO GeForce RTX 3070 O8G GAMIO OC D6 8GBIs a new product from NVIDIA NVIDIA An amperage architecture GeForce RTX With graphics card, DLSS 2.0 Technology is used to provide the best gaming experience even in high-end games.. In particular, it is a product created through active communication with Asus headquarters and Korean officials and consumers.. Distributors including Korean gamers and hard core users, Store, Collect views directly from the media, etc., After several reviews and revisions, it has been produced as a graphic card that fits Korea’s unique tradition and trend..

Taegeukgi pattern, Earthenware-shaped comb, It features the will of consumers who always want to win along with the tiger logo that represents Korea as the nation’s courage. Victory(WIN) ‘It was applied in Korean. In addition Axial-Tech (Axial Tech) Pan, Lubricant bearings with lubricants used in aerospace applications, 2Containers of more than twice the age were used.. price is 699,000win.

Main board

ASUS PRIME B460M-A Intel’s Coit 10Comet Lake of the GenerationS.Supportive B460M It’s a main board. Stable power, With intuitive cooling and flexible transfer options 10Designed to handle the extra cores and increased bandwidth of 3rd generation processors. The layout has been changed to allow unlimited memory bandwidth usage and PCB Through the design of the memory signal, interference and crossing were increased, and shaded areas were added for enhancement..

Support Armory Create for all compatible devices connected to your system. RGB Lights and effects can be easily adjusted. Designed with multiple onboard heat sinks and hybrid fan headlamps to keep connected appliances cool and stable even under intense workloads.. price is 102,600win.

Chiosia EXCERIA M.2 NVMe (1TB)

Chiosia EXCERIA M.2 NVMe (1TB)The chiosia(An old toshiba blacksmith)High performance AGCAll. Next generation NAND-in made by Kiosia 96 Tier BiCS 3D Equipped with NAND flash, it provides the highest level of data reliability and longevity.. Maximum reading speed 1700MB / s, Maximum write speed 1600MB / sIt has fast transmission speed, 1TBHe has a generous capacity of. This is the industry’s longest run 5year A / S.It also reduces the anxiety that arises when it breaks down because it delivers. price is 139,000win.

Cooler Master HYPER 212 LED Turbo (UK)

Cooler Master HYPER 212 LED Turbo (UK)money 4It is an air-cooled cooler that can effectively and excellently dissipate heat with four heat pipes.. The pile pin arrangement reduces air resistance to create cooler air and smoother airflow., 7The powerful air volume and wind pressure generated by the four fan blades quickly disperse heat from the aluminum heat sink.. Especially red to black color LEDWith a combination of sword teeth applied, Black gamingPCIt’s perfect in construction. price is 38,000win.

Samsung DDR4 8G PC4-21300 x2

RAM capacity to enjoy the game 16GB It is best to get the above configuration. If you have more space 32GBIt would be nice too, At this time 16GBAlso rare. Samsung DDR4 8G PC4-21300Provides seamless gameplay with improved performance and stability.. 2666MHzBecause of its high speed of motion, it shows the best performance in various environments like games and multimedia.. price is 1Per piece 34,000win.

Power supply
Micronics CASLON M 700W 80PLUS 230V EU

Castlelon M.Certification for high efficiency power supplies. 80PLUS Standard,, 16AWG This product features standard cables and various functions to ensure stability.. Castlelon M.Focuses on responding to the high performance processor and graphics card market, which is slowly moving towards higher output.. Quiet operating environment and long service life, PC There is also a protection function.. Equipped with a hydraulic bearing cooling fan with plenty of air and quiet, the low noise environment that many consumers prefer has been realized..

Internal temperature 50The cooling fan is completely stopped below to realize a quiet environment. Fanless(Non-fan) ‘ Function was also applied. In addition, PCAfter switching off, Micronics’ patented cooling technology increases component life by removing remaining heat inside the product Aftercooling(AfterCooling) ‘, Inrush currents·thunder·Of static electricity, etc. PCTo protect bibliography(SURGE) 4K ‘ Reliability was also improved by function. price is 72,500win.

Micronics CMaster M60 Mesh (black)

Micronics Master of M60 Mesh (black)Is 120mm Rainbow RGB Cooling fan 4Dog a 120mm Black fan 2Dogs are standard, At the bottom 120mm Cooling fan 2I can attach a dog too. Here is the front 360mm, At the top 240mmIt can be cooled with a water cooler. In addition, The diamond patterned front mesh bevel that maximizes intake efficiency captures stylish design and high cooling efficiency..

ATX Form factor support, maximum 175mm From a height CPUCooler, maximum 325mm You can still install a graphics card, Bay drive 2.5inches x3, 3.5inches x1, 2.5inches or 3.5inches x1Support. Premium acrylic bezel is placed on the side for elaborate gaming PCYou can appreciate the inside of. price is 31,000win.

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