Friday , May 27 2022

In the case of "image of attack on the Isu station"


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San E, whose name was settled, posted an image of the assault on the Isu station.

On the 15th, Sanyi posted a video on her Facebook with an article entitled "New Image of Isu Station".

In the video, the men and women were the Assault Assault & # 39; is about debate. The women in the video shouted, "I've never met a woman from before." When a man came to drink, he said, "Talk to those men."

According to the police, two men, including A (21) and three men, including B (23), argued for noisy & # 39; in a colorful store near the subway line of 7 Seoul, It is the cause of accused of assault. This event was spread out among the netizens as women posted articles on the portal bulletin board board. The Cheong Wa Dae National Petition was also raised.

"The victim was short of hair without a constitution. The attacker told the victim that he was talking" Megal X, "and made a statement saying," Even when the victim was attacked, his head was torn & It was enough to see the skull, and one of the victims was falling. "A petition requires a reasonable penalty posted, and the case has extended to" Over Domestic Domestic Abuse. "The petition was 318,860 of the day's permission after the post was posted at 2:00 pm on the 15th.

In the debate that is about the "attack on the Isu station" and the South and North Korean criticism, there is a debate about the incident. In the image of the mountain, the netizens criticized him as "making the second harm to the victim." An image created by someone who is illegally removed is the image posted by the mountain, and it is a malicious image that contains only the victim's comments.

"I do not know what to think about, but I do not know what to do with it," he said. , "There is no real answer", "What are you going to do?", "I do not think that it is true that women do what you said".

On the same day, Cheong Wa Dae's appeal to the National Assembly appealed to the prosecutor to write a "petition for the mammal Wrapper, the second warrior in illegal filming."

The author writes, "I am appealing for a Mt. Wrapper penalty, which is going illegally on his official account to take the second victim. I also make a petition to find and upload up the creators and uploaded an uploaded video video. "This petition received 3881 permission at 2 p.m.

Meanwhile, a police officer in Seoul, who is responsible for an attack on the Isu station, is investigating a total of five men, including three men and two women on a charge of both sides. The police officer said, "As both sides claim that they have attacked each other, we have been charging both sides. We are investigating the start, case, situation, damage, etc. We will look in detail if the defense is relevant. " The Police intended to call the parties on the day, but it was said that both sides had been deferred.

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