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"I don't think it's a good idea."


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Park Joo-min "Can I influence the prosecution?" Press conference does not abuse authority "

In addition to this, Young-joong Park, Democratic Party legislator, Youth Union, Young Union, the Future Party and members of the league are taking part in conferences to press. urges the expansion of the subject of the KT recruitment inquiry and the change in the subject of research in the National Assembly on the 20th morning.

Kim Seong-tae, a member of the Liberal Democrat Party who ruled, chaired the Democratic Party in the Supreme People's Assembly Kim Dae-jung of alleged abuse of his authority on the allegations. It was said that Park, a member of the National Assembly's Legislation and Judiciary Committee and a member of the Special Committee on Justice Reform, said it was using the position to press the prosecution t on his investigation.

Kim said this at the door. Kim said, "Parc is not only a legislator in the National Assembly who should observe the investigation of prosecutors' abuse, but also a member of the party's main committee and a special member of the committee, t which can have more influence on the prosecution. " The prosecutor asked for a summons investigation.

Kim said, “KT's inquiry has hired # 39; is a politically planned event that focuses on killing Kim Sung-tea 'Park Chung-soo, chairman of the same Democratic Party, Moon Hee-can, From City Park Mayor City Metropolitan Win soon, as well as doubts about KT's access to the company.

"I am very pleased that I have been able to influence the prosecution," Chung said in a post on Facebook. "I am delighted that the press conference is an authority abuse. Thank you for giving me a big smile," he said. Park said, "The investigation should be carried out with no exceptions to the leading members including Kim Seong-tae, who is suspected of having appealed for recruitment."

On the previous day, Park said the prosecution should call Kim Seung to win a joint press conference with a new union and a KT participatory coalition. They said, "The KT is in the middle of a hacking investigation, and the people feel frustrated that the investigation isn't done properly for the people who asked for a job. T " The prosecutor should call Kim Seong-tea immediately and change the investigative body to the Office of the Prosecutor Region Seoul Central. ".

There is a suspicion that Kim employed his daughter in KT in 2012. However, Kim said, "I have never asked anyone in KT for the contribution of my daughter."

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