Monday , January 24 2022

Hanwha Life Insurance launches’ LIFEPLUS Oh My Pick Cancer Insurance’-Star News


Photo provided = Hanwha Life Insurance

On the 4th, Hanwha Life Insurance launched the ‘LIFEPLUS Oh My Pick Cancer Insurance’ online exclusively targeting the MZ generation.

For this product, the full coverage of cancer is fundamental, and cancers needed can be handled according to the subscriber’s lifestyle as well. For the MZ generation, who feel burdened by expensive insurance premiums, it allows them to pay reasonable premiums every year according to their age and risk.

In addition, the signing process has been streamlined for the MZ generation familiar with the digital environment. Anyone can easily sign up for KakaoTalk users because it is possible to authenticate themselves through Kakao Pay authentication. As it is an online only product, you can sign up for the Hanwha Life Insurance’Onsure ‘Direct Insurance website via mobile phone.

‘LIFEPLUS Oh My Pick Cancer Insurance’ guarantees 40 million won for general cancer, 20 million for small cancer, and 4 million for fake cancer each through the main contract . Cancer that requires extra attention when considering family history and lifestyle can be covered by additional subscriptions as a special drug.

Special drugs for this product include respiratory (lung and larynx) cancer, gastric and esophageal cancer, liver and pancreas cancer, bone-related cancer, brain and leukemia, kidney cancer and bladder cancer, etc., all with a guaranteed 10 million guarantee.

Seok-Hyun Lim, Head of Lifeplus Solutions, Hanwha Life Insurance, said, “It’s a product launched for reasonable MZ generations who want to receive intensive warranties and subscribe without insurance premiums.” I’ll keep trying. “

With the launch of this product, Hanwha Life Insurance has a diverse lineup of small insurance such as savings, diseases, women only and cancer. Hanwha Life Insurance has been continuously launching low-cost small insurance such as ‘LIFEPLUS Bucket List Savings Insurance’, ‘Hanwha Life Insurance Three Big Disease Care Insurance’, and ‘Women’s Health Insurance Hwha Life Insurance’.

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