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The biggest game display in Korea, G-Star 2018, is due to start on the 15th, and a variety of new works are waiting for users this week.

In the first 13 days, Inplay Interactive will release the Korean version of Hitman 2 & # 39; officially. On the 15th, H-i-Interactive will release Fall Out 76 & # 39; officially, and on the same day, Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea releases the Korean version of Legendary Island Trail III & # 39; officially. On the 16th, Nintendo from Korea released Pocket Monster & # 39; Pocket Monster Retsu! Pikachu / Eve & is officially released in Korean version.

Various events of industries have also organized. On the 13th, Logitech Korea will display its new Bluetooth & JBird & # 39; and will host a press conference. On the 14th, the Korean Korean Games Association will launch 2018 Korea Game Awards, which will choose the best game of the year.

Especially, since Jisuta 2018, the largest game show in Korea, is being held in the BEXCO Busan from the 15th to the 18th of this year, the interest of the domestic games industry and overseas as well as many gamers being addressed.

Game Focus has produced important game releases and industry events this week.

# Release Game Timetable
Korean Version Interactive Inplay & Hitman 2 & # 39; released (13th, PS4)

Inplay Interactive will work with WBIE (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment) on March 13 to release the Korean function of Hitman 2 & officially, a spy action game for PlayStation 4.

Hitman 2 & # 39; is a sequel to Hit & Hit hit repeat & # 39; released in 2015, and the player becomes Agent 47 & # 39; to travel around the world's exotic locations and perform a specific goal murder task. In this work you can also perform a creative murder in particular to the current series, and Hitman 2 & # 39; added Assilin Sniper & # 39; New for the first time in the series.

To-Interactive & Fall Out 76 & # 39; officially released (15th, PS4 / Xbox Won / PC)

HIT-INTERACTIVE will provide the official release of Fall Out 76 & # 39; RPG y Byd on the 15th. The game will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms, and Korea will be supported by a separate update from December 17th.

& # 39; Fallout 76 & # 39; is the first online game in the Fallout series, where the player is one of the survivors of the Bolt 76, the first step in America after the nuclear war, and explore and take advantage of the desert. Especially at this work, you can enjoy Fallout & # 39; in various ways such as supporting online play, working with other players to survive or compete.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea Legendary Island Trajectory III & # 39; An officially released Korean version (15th, PS4)

Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea will release the Korean version of The Legend of the Legendary Island III & # 39; officially for RPG for PlayStation 4 on the 15th.

Trajectory III of Hero Legend Island & # 39; is an extension to The Trajectory II of Hero Legend Island & # 39; and a subsequent story. It includes a more comfortable game through a better UI and graphics compared to previous work. In particular, this work is related to the story that goes to the last episode of the series & Trajectory & # 39; of 4 pieces, so the supporters of the current series can not lose that.

Pocket Monster Korean Rets Nintendo! Korean version Pikachu / Eve released regularly (16, Nintendo change)

Nintendo Wii will be released on November 16, the new Pocket Monster Retsu! Pikachu / Eve Korean version of the official statement.

& # 39; Pocket Monster Retsu! Pikachu / Eve is a unique work that combines Nintendo and Pokemon GO switch features, based on scenario Pocket Monster Pikachu & # 39; which was released in 1998. Players can choose Pikachu & # 39; or Eve & # 39; like their partner Pokémon, depends on the version, and the likelihood and type of each Pokémon is different for each piece. In addition, Monster Ball Plus & # 39; With a monster ball shape, you can prove the feeling that it differs from current work, such as making the procedure and the Pokemon with a realistic feeling.

# Industry Event Timetable
Logitech Korea & product display and press conference & # 39; JBird (13th)

Logitech Korea will host product displays and press conferences to celebrate the launch of the new JBird brand new Bluetooth ear brands in the Namsan studio located in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. The event will introduce new products JBird, Tara Pro, Tara, and X4, as well as the JBird brand strategic direction.

Association of Korea Games Games Association Awards Ceremony 2018 Korea Game & # 39; (14th)

The Korea Industry Games Association will host an award ceremony for 2018 Korea Games Awards & # 39; at the Centum City Theater Hall, Shinsegae Department Store, located in Busan.

Grand Prix Korea Game & # 39; 2018 will be the best game among the games released this year. Grand Prix Game Korea 2018 this year & # 39; including a number of mobile games such as Black Desert Mobile, Epic Seven & # 39; Wild Wild: Durango & # 39; He will go to the competition and compete for the object.

In the meantime, for the first time this year, the Creatures Include Award & # 39; and winners will be chosen.

Korea's biggest game show & Jisuta 2018 & # 39; opens (15th – 18th)

The largest game showcase will take place in Korea, G-Star 2018, in BEXCO, Busan between 15 and 18.

Epic Korea Games is the leading sponsor of G-Star 2018 & This year for the first time, and game companies with many users in Korea such as Nexon, Netmarble, KOG and XD Global can showcase their new work. It is intended to provide a place. In particular, Nexon will exhibit different titles that will go beyond computers and mobile, and Netmarble will display a variety of new mobile products, including Blade & Soul Revolution, which are highly anticipated okay.

In addition, G-Star 2018 & # is expected; attract as many people as last year because they will be involved in the game and share fun with supporters by participating in the influencers, including popular BJ and stream. In addition, a variety of conferences and conferences are held to the press in the G-Star 2018 & # 39; to look at the games industry together with new games.

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