Monday , May 23 2022

Epic Games unveils an improved Unreal Engine version 4.26


Epic Games announced on the 4th that it had released version 4.26 of Unreal Engine. Many new features added for real-time content creation.

According to Epic Games, the Unreal Engine version 4.26 ▲ hair, fur, feather system and sequencer animation for more realistic character animation awyr sky, cloud and environment lighting, water rendering and mesh system for nature and environment immersion ▲ Forward and deferred rendering for enhanced mobile rendering ▲ nDisplay and APIs and remote control presets for large LED sets, extended virtual production equipment set ▲ Movie rendering queues for improved high quality media output Effective collaborative design as a reviewer collaboration viewer template.

In addition, improved chaos physics and ray tracing, a new Lightmass GPU, a newly reconfigured virtual camera system, and improved DMX support were applied.

Epic Games will also release a video of’Epic Live: 4.26 Highlights’ which Unreal Engine experts present the 4.26 update directly through Unreal Engine Korea’s YouTube channel on the 10th at 2pm.

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