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Em Em, won 3rd quarter sales of 6 billion, earned 500 million active income


[디지털데일리 이대호기자] In the third quarter of 2018, the company announced that it had recorded a KRW 6 billion sales, an operating profit of KRW 500 million, and a net income of KRW 300 million. 6.2 per cent higher, 51.2 percent and 65.3 percent, respectively. The lack of new revenue sources and a reduction in current game earnings overlapped.

In the second half of this year, we will be launching the "Casino Barc & Rollo" casino worldwide casino game launched in Europe in September with a soft launch. In the first half of next year, the Taiwan commercialization service, Hong Kong and Macao regions of Malaysia, Singapore and Knight Online & # 39; is being promoted. An online game & Yuhong & # 39; based on the development of MMORPG & Yonghong & # 39; Feniglue mobile also moves on.

In addition, MMORPG (role-play role play game) & Jin Hyeolhangangho & # 39; takes a strategy to choose quickly in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao regions when considering the Chinese market situation. The stage is expanded to Steam so you can enjoy the Project X action game, which will travel on the mechanical tool and enjoy the battle, as well as & # 39; the virtual reality (VR) and a general computer.

Mr Kwon Hyung-kyung, CEO of Em Games, mobile ghosts and X project games will be active during the first half of next year, "he said.

Meanwhile, Emgame will be taking part in a basic booth at the B2B G-Star 2018 trade show, and will be taking part in a purchaser meeting for the promotion of a worldwide online game and the publication of overseas mobile games.

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