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Dongmin MVP "I was half way out of mind, running a home is instincts"


SEOUL, November 29 (Yonhap) – MVP South Korea, Hwang Dong-min (29, SK Wyverns) have enjoyed the joy of winning the title.

On the 12th, the single homer Dong-A Ilbo started in the 13th round with two sides of a right-beginned battery right in the Korean Korean KBO Series (7 games all) with Doosan Bears on the 12th.

Taro Hans Dong-min is homerun single with a slippery fast ball from the 13th 13th pitcher Doosan pitcher in the 13th center.

SK scored his fourth career career for eight years since 2010 with a homerun of Hans Dong-min.

"I think it's a good opportunity for me because Jung Young-Il and Moon Seung-won have been well-ordered," he said. "I feel so good because I can win the championship." It's easy to feel free. "
– The evidence of winning.

"I was able to have an MVP, but I did not give it up until the end, and I got a big shot from the Choi Jung-hyung single run home after the second in the ninth inning. He would go and start baseball in the autumn, and he really talked about the championship, but he feels well he has won the championship.

– How did you feel when you saw the ball passing?

"It was too difficult for me, I was in a bad mood, I had a good chance on the plate but I did not have the strength to do, I wanted to finish it somehow. Even when I got the homerun final today, Na-Hwan-Hwan always said, I can be the last throw, and one batter and one batter are important and I'll need to turn my numbers. I've tried to swing & # 39; n cool. I saw it was passing. "I'm evicted without thinking.

– What was your mind when you were two or nine times?

"I received MVP every day, but Choi Jung-hyung suffered from heart trouble and did not appear." Choi Jung-hyung came out with a joke saying "Dong-Mini ae will be my brother today." Kim Kang-min and me went to eat and pray. I was so happy that I can not express it in words (currently at home). "

– I did not think I had to play short in important moments.

"I played 2 hits on the team, hit 2 hits, hit more than 40 homes, take a different swing all, I can not beat the swing, I want to hit it down, I do not want turn swing, I think it's a full swing but I do it according to the situation.

– I beat Kim Tae-hoon with three votes.

"I won the MVP with a dramatic home, but I did not think about the MVP at all," Kim Tae-hoon told the press in advance, "he was MVP." Kelly was giving too good a game in the first place. No, because my colleagues presented the course, I emphasized Tae-hoon with three votes.

– Why not win?

"I wanted to win, because I was just watching the other team on television, and better than that, because it was more than that, it seemed a dream at the beginning, and Kim took Kwang Hyun outside the striking strike area and falling the distance to run (Moon) Seung Won Daily MVP, 89 Motivation, and I feel good to finish good with friends. "

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