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Trauma Surgeon Professor Lee's dissertation, Guk-jong is sold for the best.

According to the November 4 comprehensive bestseller report, the essay of Professor Lee Guk-jong of the traumatic surgeon <골든아워> The first one and the second were the same as last week. <골든아워>Includes a record of a major trauma center on the border between birth and death. Jordan Phitenson, professor of psychology at Harvard University <12가지 인생의 법칙>And the third consecutive week for the third consecutive week, Seoul National Univ. <트렌드 코리아 2019>I paid a wedding in the 4th place. tvN Recipes of 50 recipes made by hand in the entertainment program Sumine side dish & # 39; <수미네 반찬>Fifth after last week.

The essay field is still strong, while the "Every Point" MBC entertainment program appears on the 17th, Lee Young-ja is recommended to managers who are struggling with people, <약간의 거리를 둔다>The sixth form in the list. Kim Soo-hyun writer who has comfort and advice for modern people <나는 나로 살기로 했다>He held the eighth position as the previous week and encouraged to live my life away from the life manual I had set up by others <하마터면 열심히 살 뻔했다>Climb six stairs and settle on the ninth.

Baek Se-hee's <죽고 싶지만 떡볶이는 먹고 싶어>Located 11th down the five stairs, and a new dissertation by Hae Min Min, which includes a message for modern people losing themselves. <고요할수록 밝아지는 것들>After first installing in the 12th place.

Lee Yeon-ju <언어의 온도>The 14th site was held with the previous week, <보통의 존재>New book by Lee Seok-won, who has been loved by readers <우리가 보낸 가장 긴 밤>Located in the 18th row upstairs.

The second essay by Ha Tae-Wan <모든 순간이 너였다>It was rather incredible in the 19th place down the nine stairs, and healing essay & poo bear <곰돌이 푸, 행복한 일은 매일 있어>Wins 20th in the site.

Other autobiographies of the first American black lady, Michelle Obama <비커밍 Becoming>It was published at the same time as the 7th edition of the publication, and the insight into the human mind and the focus of the healing process, <당신이 옳다>After lying at the top ten in seven steps.

Japanese Mystery Novel <돌이킬 수 없는 약속>Located in the 13th away from the stairs, and the cartoon of children's history <설민석의 한국사 대모험 8>Slowly went down to the 15th place down six steps. Professor Jae Jung Chung or KAIST <열두 발자국>It has dropped three places down to the 16th, <역사의 역사>After lying 17th down six stairs.

In the e-books sites, we talked about the discrimination against contemporary society. <우리는 차별하기 위해 태어났다>Newly placed at the top, <미움받을 용기>The new work by Ichiro Shimichiro <마흔에게>Which was the second in the list.

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