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Court "In judging how much disability, it should consider a comprehensive prescription scale, change"


Kwon Ju-hee, Correspondent Koo Yong-hee, a judge of the judiciary, must judge the disability scale by considering not only the medical records of the subject, but also the medical history of the medical practitioner, prescription increase and drug treatment,

The first administration department of Gwangju District Court (Deputy Chief Judge) announced on November 11 that Mr A had won a guardian in dismissing the change of disability scale against Bukwong in Gwangju.

Mr. received A grade 2 epilepsy disability grade in 2004.

In December 2016, Buk-gu informed that Mr A's disability was equivalent to level 3 of epilepsy after going through a disability degree opinion on Mr A in December 2016.

This was due to the introduction of the submitted disability certificate and the pattern and the number of epileptic seizures confirmed in the medical records for the last year,

A has filed an appeal, but Bukgu has decided on the disability scale of three epilepsy.

He said, "It is illegal to change the degree of disability from level 2 to level 3 without objective evidence, although there is no specific change in the number of seizures despite the active treatment." Having made legal proceedings.

"The number of seizures should be based on objective medical records in the ruling of epilepsy disorders. Looking at the medical records in December 2015, A seems to have an average of 5 to 6 seizures per month. Any sign that serious seizures occurred at least 10 times a month. The third level disposition is legal. "

The number of seizures is also a criterion for severity severity between second and third degrees.

According to the court, "It is estimated that a doctor diagnosed with A in 2004 and a doctor's diagnosis in December 2016 and a doctor's opinion in 2017 had 10 serious strokes per month despite active treatment."

"I was not being released to the hospital in December 2015. The number of times I had a medical history record of injuries A or my injuries grades was so high that I felt the number and severity of seizures Y & It's definitely used as an absolute standard for grading. "

The court said, "For many years, the statement of disability status A is a comprehensive consideration of the doctor's medical history, prescribing medication and treatment progress," He said.

In addition, "As well as the medical record, there is no objective medical record such as a medical medical certificate, a medical certificate, etc. Mr A has held the second grade since 2004. At the time of the third degree decision, there is no I have no reason to admit that this has improved. "

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