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Configure Intel Gaming PC System for Latest AAA Games


[smartPC사랑=임병선 기자] As the end of the year approaches, great games are pouring in.. PlayStation, the next-generation console game console 5With the release of the Xbox X series and the release of various multiplatform games, of course, PCMost of the games you can enjoy along with.

No matter how new console game consoles come out, PCIn the case of games released on multiplatform including, PCEnjoy it of the highest quality.. Of course the high resolution or the highest option, The combination of an unlimited frame and a high refresh rate monitor show the images that grind the console version of the game console..

Of course, you can’t ignore the price difference., Unconditional to enjoy the highest quality PC Version. Among the recently released multiplatform games PC To enjoy the high quality version, PCLet’s see if it’s needed.

Duty call : Cold War Black Ops

Duty call : Cold War Black OpsIs Duty callseries 17Like the first work, ‘Duty call : Black OptionsDeveloped a series Arc TrayWow Duty call : Modern Warfare RemasterKnown as Duty callSub-developers of the series Raven softwareIt is new work developed together.

Cold warBy the name 1980It’s set in the Cold War era, It goes on based on a split world map after the Vietnam War, the Vietnam War.. The United States and Western Europe formed an alliance My1World(Free camp) ‘, The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe formed an alliance My2World(communism) ‘, Africa and the Middle East not elsewhere, From South American countries My3WorldIs called, Opposing composition in the game My1WorldWow My2WorldDeals with.

Duty call : Cold War Black OpsIs one of those games that requires very high specifications.. The recommended level of specification is 4 ~ 6With a core CPUA geforce GTX 1660 A great graphics card is enough,, A decision 4K UHDAnd applying ray tracing 8More than a core CPUA geforce RTX 3080 Requires class graphics card. DLSS 2.0 As a game that also supports features, the GeForce has improved Core Tensor. RTX 30 It is advantageous to drive in series.

core i7-10700K

Duty call : Cold War Black OpsO ultra RTX The option is recommended CPUThe intel core i9-9900Kto be. Intel Core i9-9900KIs 8core 16Base clock on thread 3.6GHz, Max Clock 5GHzHigh performance working with CPUto be. Equivalent to this CPULike intelligence 10The core of a generation i7-10700Kthere are.

Intel Core i7-10700KThe core i9-9900KAs with 8core 16And the base clock is 3.8GHz, The top clock is 5.1GHzPerformance was further enhanced with. Memory controller 2channel DDR4 2933MHzego TDPIs 125Wto be.

GeForce RTX 3080

New Nvidia 2Production RTXa sign Ampere GeForce with architecture RTX 30 This is the best price performance product in the series.. new RT core, Tensor(Tensor) Based on the core and streaming multiprocessor, it differs from the previous high performance and excellent images, as well as fast frames and AI It includes acceleration to provide better graphics and smoother frames in games and creative applications..

Based on this, GeForce RTX 3080Ultimate money game GPUNot sufficient to call, The previous generation GeForce RTX 2080No max 2It has twice as fast performance. 19GbpsNew high speed powered by GDDR6X Memory 10GBGeForce with RTX 3080money 4K UHD The moment for solving games 60It has powerful performance that provides consistent frames..

Assassin’s Creed : Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed : ValhallaIs Assassin’s CreedFrom a series 12This is the first and first work in a series to tell the story of the Vikings.. Ancient Egyptian Assassin’s Creed : OriginAnd ancient Greek Assassin’s Creed : OdysseyFollowing this, a story about Nordic mythology was added..

Predecessor Assassin’s Creed : OdysseyIn Esau, the main character chose between male and female, and the one he didn’t choose were siblings,, this time Assassin’s Creed : ValhallaIt’s either male or female, AvorIt is decided by a character called. There are changes to the title depending on the male and female,, All AvorLike a character called, You can change your gender at any time during the game.

As much as dealing with the Viking story Assassin’s CreedThe most cruel description and reference in the series appears.. Limb articulation or expression of bloodshed, etc., You can also turn it off in options. Unlike the previous games where the main game was murder or one-on-one after infiltration, the battle is often played as a multi-to-many war, so it ‘ it looks like a completely different game..

Assassin’s CreedSince it’s a series, this time again, it requires tremendous specifications.. 4K UHD Intel Core to drive top option in resolution i7-9700KA nvidia geforce RTX 2080 Need a combination. Besides, even with this performance 60I don’t know if I can afford the frame. 60To enjoy with the frame, PCNecessary.

core i9-10900K

Recommended specification of highest option CPUThe intel core i7-9700Kto be. For a higher frame 8core 8Core that is thread i7-9700KHigher performance CPUNeed.

core i9-10900KIs 10core 20Thread CPUto be. High performance gaming CPUIn addition, More powerful gaming performance can be achieved by over-clocking. core i9-10900KIs the base clock 3.7GHz, Max Clock 5.3GHz, insightful L3 cash 20MBto be. Base clock and maximum clock respectively 0.1GHz Low core i9-10850KAlright but, Highest performance CPULooking for a core i9-10900KRecommend.

GeForce RTX 3090

GeForce RTX 30 Highest performance in the series GPUto be. 24GB GDDR6X Memory is the hardest AI Able to handle extensive content creation algorithms and workloads. GeForce RTX 3090This is the current highest specification PC Titan graphics card RTX No max 50% Faster up to several popular games 8K UHD In a decision 60Lets you enjoy it with a frame.

GeForce RTX 3080Compared to, you can’t feel a huge difference in performance,, GeForce RTX 3080Could not SLI Configure system geforce RTX 3090Possible in. GeForce RTX 3090If you feel the performance is inadequate while playing the game with powerful performance SLI You can build a more powerful gaming system with the configuration..

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