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BTS, ‘MAMA’ sweeps the top prize again this year … “I hope the bad sincerity hits you” (Total)


“Everyone is tough, but only we are good news, and our hearts are heavy”

Faceless face-to-face holding in Corona 19 … Boa 20th Anniversary “I want to be healed of tired people”

BTS reveals their rewards
BTS reveals their rewards

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Hyo-jeong = The BTS Group has set a record of sweeping four prestigious awards for the second year running at the ‘Asian American Music Awards’ (2020 MAMA).

On the 6th, on the 6th, Mnet broadcast live on ‘MAMA’. This year, following last year, ‘Singer of the Year’, ‘Song of the Year’, ‘Album of the Year’, ‘Worldwide Icon of the Year’) Have taken all 4 subjects.

He also won the ‘West Male Group’ Award, ‘World Wide Fan’s Choice’, ‘Best Dance Performance Male Group’, and the ‘Best Music Video’, winning 8 crowns.

RM said that ‘Daamite’ was ‘Ship of the Year’ and said, “It’s a song we met as luck when we stepped back into such a tragic time situation.” There were times when I heard him and my heart was heavy. ”

BTS reveals their rewards
BTS reveals their rewards

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He continued, “But really, I hope that clumsy sincerity reaches you,” he said. “But I’m sorry and grateful for our generous acceptance that tells us to live tomorrow.”

J-Hope then expressed his gratitude to the ‘Singer of the Year’ trophy members, saying, “Thanks to these real friends and the team this year, I wasn’t sick, I wasn’t alone, I wasn’t depressed. “

After receiving the ‘World Wide Fan’s Choice’, Jungkook said, “There was a time when we had only passion, ambition, and energy, but ARMY (fan club) seems to have let us know our sincerity, various emotions , and our love and reminder of what was in our hearts. ” “That way, we can convey our sincerity to more people.”

Jin said, “I want to say thank you to the ARMYs, our driving force, who motivated us, for running our group.”

Bulletproof Boy scouts on 'MAMA' platform
Bulletproof Boy scouts on ‘MAMA’ platform

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Also in the professional category, as Bang Si-hyuk chairman of Big Hit’s ‘Executive Producer’, Piedok’s ‘Best Producer’, and Lumpence’s music video director as ‘Best Video Director’, those who worked with BTS received several of trophies. he went.

Bulletproof Boy Scouts reaffirmed their popularity this year, winning each of the prestigious awards for two consecutive years at the 2018Monon Music Awards’ (MMA 2020) held the day before.

On this day, BTS showcased ‘Dyamite’ and Life Go’s On performances with advanced technologies such as ‘O’ stage and pre-recorded augmented reality (AR) with a large marching band at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. Suga, who could not attend because he was recovering from shoulder surgery, appeared as a hologram on the ‘Life Goth On’ stage and decorated the stage together.

BoA is developing on 'MAMA' platform
BoA expands ‘MAMA’ stage

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BoA, the Asia star, who is celebrating her 20th anniversary this year, pledged to receive the ‘Necessary Achievement’ award and “I will work harder to listen to good music as it is a heavy reward.”

He thanked the fans, saying, “The reason I can make music for so long is because you’re there,” and he said, “I think a lot of you will be tired because Corona 19 is going to a long game, but I want to listen to healing music. “

His younger children such as Espa Winter, (Girl) Children, Oh My Girl and Young Children performed a tribute platform to him, and showcased a popular song and a new song platform ‘Beetter’.

BoA reveals its rewards
BoA reveals its rewards

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In addition to the ‘Women’ s Vest Group ‘, Black Pink has won the’ West Dance Performance Women’s Group ‘and the World Wide Fans Choice.

IU is also awarded the Woman Singer and “Best Vocal Solo Performance” and selected as “The Best ‘and’ Eight ‘collaboration with Sugar had become the Triple Crown.

Baekhyun won the male singer award for the second year running. The male rookie award was given to Treasure and the female rookie award was given to Weekly.

The event was also held without spectators in the midst of the re-proliferation of Corona 19, and most of the winners went on stage wearing masks to express their feelings.

Instead, various visual effects like VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), and XR (augmented reality) were used to develop a variety of stages, and K-pop fans from around the world watched with ‘ each other via video. Jesse and Hwasa drew attention with the stage re-interpreting ‘Kang’ from Rain, which caused the syndrome this year.

HKasa and Jesse 'Kang' collaboration
HKasa and Jesse ‘Kang’ collaboration

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‘MAMA’ is a music awards ceremony hosted by CJ ENM and started with the’net Video Music Awards ‘in 1999. Starting in 2009, it changed its name to MAMA’ and established itself as a representative K-pop festival . It took place in several cities in Asia, but this year, it was only held in Korea because of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

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