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And the devil incorporates sexual assault & # 39;

  • • In pastors, Pastor arrested seven people about the violence of God of Manmin Church
  • • committed sexual offenses by making victims of incapacity with religion
On May 3, 2018, and Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee of St Mary's Church of Manmin, who was accused of a long-standing sexual assault on many believers, went to court to attend the questionnaires to the suspect before the arrest I have been accepting. [연합뉴스 자료사진]

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(Seoul-Yonhap News) Gong Dong-wook, former minister of the Church of Santioldeb, is sentenced to 22 days in prison as it is alleged that many members of the church will defeat.

The 26th ruling of the Central Central Court Court of Seoul (Jung Moon-Sung, the head) is opening a trial for the pastor who was arrested and charged with rape and abusing others 10 and morning.

The prosecution has been punishing 20 years imprisonment on the grounds that the minister had been sexually abusing the believer in his ministry activities.

He also asked the court to order a test, to ban victims, and to complete classes of rape treatment.

Over the years, this pastor has been accused of raping seven men from Manmin Central Church.

The prosecution is of the opinion that he has committed sexual offenses by making the victims unable to protest using the status, power and fidelity of the victims as the leaders of a large church of 130,000 Shindo.

On the other hand, the minister has repeatedly rejected the allegations since the investigation, claiming that the victims harassed and accused.

This is the pastor that the pastor's health condition can not prevent sexual assault offenses and there is no reason to admit that the victims are psychologically incapable due to the influence of enforcement or faith.

It is known that the pastor's lawyer has alleged that "victims are deliberately accused of harm" in a private decision.

This minister also said, "I am sorry that I have argued in society," but "I have received power by accepting God and praying, and I have saved the world."

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