Tuesday , July 5 2022

A prosecution investigates corruption allegations in business information about the Supreme Court


[이데일리 이승현 기자] The prosecution has launched an investigation into allegations that noise has been applying to the Supreme Court's informatization project.

According to the August 8 prosecution, the administrative office of the black court in Seoul centralized the case for the Fairtrade Inquiry Department (head of department) to investigate suspicions of employee application misconduct.

In response to the announcement about the results of the information business examination on the 2nd, the court's administrative office confirmed that the director of the computer information management board and two executives had been dismissed.

The Court Administration Office has been grateful for the allegations of employees of the Office of Computer Computer Data Management since August. The Court Administrative Office confirmed that a specific company that had continued to receive an e-business business since 2009 had lent the name of its spouse by the computer officer of a pre-court administrative department.

The Administrative Office of the Court recently launched the Information Technology Project Check and Improvement Team.

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