Wednesday , June 29 2022

A model instagram sculpture cut 200 years as if to collect followers


One Polish instagram model faces a tremendous reaction after playing tricks across the road.

The instagram model of the name Julia Sloane Scarra is a Flu stall with more than 6,000 followers.

Recently, he posted a six-second video on his instagram. In the video, Slonska beat the sculpture with a hammer. A few seconds later, the nose of the sculpture was broken. The problem is that the statue has its own meaning, which has been 200 years since the statue was made.

SlonSka was criticized for this. Twitter, etc., did what it was stupid and didn't have an idea. SlonSka later apologized for being stupid, but it was too late for him. The Polish online bank Bhank, who signed a contract with Slonska, has announced that his contract with him has expired.

As Sloane created the statue, Metro explained, "It's probably he has done to collect followers." Instagram SlonSka is currently disabled.

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