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"90" Fly Up Super Board "Fly Back in 30 Years" – Herald Economy


Lotte Mart, 4 kinds of sales order orders

Fly Super Board & # 39; on the first television in 1990, and flew again in figures after 30 years.

Lotte Mart Toy Jello announced on July 21 that he will order 4 kinds of super board figures (19,800 win each) from a toy games center through a 23-to-a-toy games center.

The Super Board is a comic book by Hugh Young Man, a cartoonist whose re-interpretation is based on China's "West Ji", and heroine. Are, and then Since the first airplane by the earthquake (KBS) in August 1990, it was ventilated in the series up to the 5th year of 2001, and has the highest rate of Korean animation history . It is also considered one of the most popular animations in Korea along with Baby Dinosaur Dooly's.

This is an advance booklet for sale. The super-board figure is made by Nogeek Studio, Kim Kyung-in, who made a prototype and received the inspection of Mr Huh Young-man (9 cm), Sao Jung (8cm) 14cm), and so on. I've been produced in four types of characters. In particular, Toy Jellus will release the teaser video of the super-board theater in the first half of 2020 to commemorate selling before ordering the super figure figure figure now on its own by pre booking order

In addition, Lotte Mart will introduce diorama backgrounds with customer purchase prints that can purchase super table figures during the pre-order sales period, and will propose to submit them by order by February 2019. O & # 39; On 23rd, you can check the real thing at Jamsil Jarus Toy.

Kim Gyeong-geun, Lotte Mart Toy Jurus MD said, "Since last year, Toyzer has been showing figures based on native characters." A shop offers a unique offer that builds the domestic character industry beyond simple products and Toyjirus can enjoy different hobbies. I look forward to being an edition for our customers. "

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