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13th place in the global harassment levy

[한국스포츠경제=정진영 기자] Korea's records are outstanding as the International Federation of Copyright Control Institutions (CISAC) publish the CISAC 2018 Global Report.

According to the report, international copyright royalties on music, video, language, and other global creations come to around € 9.6 billion. The entire royalty for Korea was about 159 million euros, about 139 million euros.

Among these, the music field collected through the Korean Music Copyright Society (Hanhwa Minchogyo, Hong Jin Young Chairman) is about 1332 million Euro (about 170 billion wins), while a literary work area is around 3.2 million euros. Hanwha is around 4.1 billion).

According to the report, the total royalties collected increased by 6.2 per cent last year. Especially in music, Eur 8 billion euros (approximately 10.7 trillion) increased by 6.0% compared to the previous year and has been growing for 5 consecutive years.

CISAC has paid good attention to the growth of digital copyright in this report. He said he had exceeded a billion euros for the first time, up 24 percent last year, thanks to the prosperity of a streaming service worldwide.

The report said that South Korea, along with Japan and Australia, was leading the Asian royalty market. Japan grew 6.8 percent from 2016, while Australia grew by 14.6 per cent. The Republic of Korea (ROK) grew by 20.1%, showing the highest growth rate among Asian countries.

In Korea, the levy per head was 36th place (2.69 euros), and gross domestic product (GDP) was 48, 0.010% less than the world average of 0.015%.

In this regard, the Korean government official said, "The performance fee collected in August is a system that is enforced by the enforcement order because of the international protest against Korea, which has Restrict exclusively in performance rights under Article 29 (2) of the Copyright Act. " "As fundamental legal reforms are required, the society has raised a constitutional complaint against the provisions of Article 29 (2) and other legal provisions damaging the legitimate interests of the author."

CISAC, which has located in Paris, is a non-profit organization established to protect the copyright of 4 million creators of 239 copyright groups in 121 countries. In Korea, the Korean Music Society and the Korean Literature and the Academic Copyright Association are members of the group.


Correspondent Jung Jin-young
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