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1 Seoul to strengthen the forces of West Sea Partners, Busan Economy and Typhoon


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Renault Samsung Futures has fallen again to the back seat on Tuesday when Samsung's Renault union decided to reject the offer for a temporary salary and collective bargaining.

The union insisted on renegotiating with the company, and it is more likely that they will draw out a full strike card beyond the current partial strike. It is also pessimistic that Renault Samsung will come within a domestic use company, even if the export of new cars is abandoned. The partnership, which has been fast due to the temporary agreement, has also grown in Busan's economy.

The Samsung union Renault vote on the tentative agreement was not a production job but a selling force. Of the 444 union members, 442 voted on the 21st, and 290 (65.6 per cent) voted.

Of the 1662 production workers, 52.2% agreed with the temporary agreement, but the agreement was finally rejected because of the seller's opposition. Of the 2252 union members, only 1071 voted, but the overall vote was 1023, without 48 votes.

The key issue of this agreement is the union's right to consent to work arrangements.

The union insisted on outsourcing, and the company stood against personnel rights. The trade union ran a partial strike for 62 times (a total of 250 hours) from October last year when the union started the collective bargaining last June. Total disruption of production caused by strikes was 14,420 units, 280.6 billion gained.

The trade union has stepped forward to end the 11-month negotiations on the longest discussions ever.

He introduced the procedure; for a job conversion arrangement and stressed the labor management consultation by giving the phrase to the joint agreement. Instead, the union received the basic rate freeze and the company decided to pay 1 million earned as compensation. The company also plans to pay a productivity incentive fee of 50% for a total of 9,760,000 earned, including 350,000 earned for lunch subsidies and 500,000 earned for performance bonuses. However, this effort has become a waste because the provisional settlement bill has been rejected by just a few tens of votes.

Samsung Renault is now in crisis of full strikes rather than product recovery.

The union will be gathering representatives on the 22nd to discuss the re-negotiation timetable for the IMC and the strike policy. A union official said, "As many union members of the opinion that the company was not offered enough, we can only consider the front strike card strongly." The trade union has stressed that if the trade union cannot make a provisional settlement until the 17th of this month, it will hit a full strike that will make the production day and night no.

When the strike resumes, Renault Samsung is inevitable to produce cliffs. The emergency moment is the follow-up work of the Nissan SUV (100,000 units / year), which ends production at the end of the year. Samsung's Renault hopes to add a new SUV crossing (80,000 units per year) to Europe. But Renault Group's French headquarters are considering a plan to transfer XM3 exports to the Valladolid factory in Spain, bringing Samsung Reno's labor and managers to work with each other.

Samsung's Renault lost many losses during the strike. Total domestic and foreign sales of Renault Samsung from April to April were 52,930 units, down 39.8% from a year earlier.

Renault Samsung plans to move the existing two shift system to one shift by the end of this year if the production cliff continues.

The company, which had been waiting for the agreement to pass the agreement, could not hide its disappointment.

"We didn't expect anything at all," said a Samsung Renault supplier in Busan. "We are concerned about the survival of a poor economy," he said. Rejecting Samsung's Renault agreement would also unexpectedly have a negative impact on other automators like Hyundai, Kia, and GM Korea.

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