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[핫포커스] I asked the captains, and would you like to get the maximum amount of money? –


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Doosan, Yang Ji-sung, started the biggest player in the FA market. I am very interested in the size of a contract with that team.

Jamshil = Correspondent Kim Kyungmin [email protected] /2018.11.12/

Now the money game starts. Five days after the Korean series expires, the FA market (free agent) opens.

This is the FA first market that is not suitable for the ceiling of the ceiling of the ceiling, but it is rejected after offering Korea's professional football soccer association for the ransom restriction.

If KBO (Baseball Commission Commission) announces FA qualified 17th birthday, athletes must submit an application within two days. On the 20th, when the KBO advertises the FA-approved athletes, 10 clubs can contact the FA to sign the contract.

Lee Jae-won (SK Lee), Park Yong-taek (LG Twins), Parc Kyung-soo (KT Wiz), Kim Min Sung (Nexen Heroes), and Song Kwang-min (Hanwha Eagles).

The player with the greatest interest is the host. Yang Ji-eun, who has graduated as the best active carkeeper, has played an important role in the team as an offense and defense. Taro .358 (2), 23 homers at 77 RBI and this season. My grades have been good in the past three years. Taro .212 with 359 hits (118 hits, 359 hits), 59 homer and 210 RBI in 352 games. As well as lead dropping, the ability to stop the ball is also excellent. This was the best of the catchers that played over 100 games this year with a cozy rate of 3 7 7 8.

If the host is a weak team, it's an attractive card that you want to delete. Catchers play a great part in the defense as well as crimes, so a good pupil is a good team center.

I asked the ten club leaders (some clubs are higher boundaries) what he thought about the FA will. It is difficult to present a formal stance before the FA market opens, but most clubs "do not consider it."

KT Lee Sung-yong said, "Yang Ji-ji is the best player in the league, and he can hit." It means going to Jangseongwoo and Yaechang as this is this season. Nexen Heroes, who focuses on fostering without external FA, said he was not interested in Yang Ji.

Lotte Giants, who had been struggling to catch this season, did not consider recruiting both. Lotte Lee Yun-won said, "We are focusing on nurturing young in-house resources."

The Samsung Lions, who joined Kang Min Ho last winter, and LG Twins, who have a young man, did not show any interest. KIM, who was a great slaughter, also picked up nutrition. SK, who won the title of the Korean Series, expressed the intention to focus on the deal with Lee Jae-won, the main holding of FA.

Some teams do not have a clear position. Hanwha, who recently took over as the new president of Park Jung-kyu, will meet field staff and front desk at the finishing camp to discuss future issues. It is hard to say that the situation itself is not stable. NC Dynorth said he was "not in a position to say it was troublesome about improving power."

Doosan Ors revealed their willingness to discuss with Yang Yang. Doosan Kim Tae-ryong, head of the company, said, "I will discuss with Yang Ji, and I will try to stay."

In recent years, trends have shown that the better is better, more often it is published late. Once you see a market situation, you will be released. The FA market has firmly embedded the supply and demand principles. The more teams you would like to play, which is higher than the worthwhile value.

The FA is Kang Min-ho (4 billion winners) who transferred to Samsung after last season.

Correspondent Kwon In-ho [email protected]

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