Tuesday , March 2 2021

[정치]The Supreme Court "The contents of the judicial meeting, no legal effect"

The Supreme Court has submitted to the National Assembly that is not legally effective in calling for a judge's decision determined by a national judicial representative meeting.

According to the Supreme Court's written statement that was submitted to Kwon Sang-kyoung, deputy secretary of the Party of First Judgment, the Supreme Court has ruled that the Constitutional Council has no legal effect on other Constituent bodies.

In addition, the Supreme Court added that the opposition in the voting process in the judicial council was significant, and added that there would be different opinions as well as opinions presented, and efforts are made to restore the trust of the judiciary.

Kwak criticized the Supreme Court for refusing that the judicial council representatives, the advisory body, and the legal impact of the impeachment application, were political acts.

Kim Ju-young [[email protected]]

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