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[음악] Pinc Du, finishing the Gymnastics Stadium & Dawnsone & # 39; first (Victory's side) [종합]


The girl group, Black Pink, completed her first solo concert in the gym, the best performing venue in Korea. Although the number of songs was inadequate, many perfect periods made the feeling of the black pink feeling full.

On afternoons, "BLACKPINK 2018 TOUR IN YOUR AREA REALITY X BC" was held at the Gymnastics Stadium in Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul. Three hours before the performance, there was a full spectacle of fans from all over the world gathered to support Black Pink. Despite the first performance in Korea, I was able to discover Black Pink's strength as it opened its first solo concert in the gymnastics field, the best performing venue.

The concert was held at 6:15 pm. First of all, Black Pink started the performance with the "Tootsukuri" platform. The fans who long stayed for Black Pink complaining as they shouted Black Pink & # 39; when the melody introduced Toowo Tootsu's presentation. After that, Black Pink called Forever Young & # 39; a & # 39; STAY & # 39; for success.

During the first time after the period, Jenny said, "I've been waiting too long for the blinks (fans) to be able to get closer to them. Let's have fun until the end." "It's good to see Blink for the first time in two years," added Rosenthal. In particular, Lisa, who recently appeared on the MBC's "The Real Man", was in the eye telling her she was "lively and shy" together with the words "loyalty".

Black Pink enjoyed the platform closer with supporters using the "Wrong" Cam & # 39; special. In the meantime, opened & # 39; SURE THING & # 39; to the atmosphere of the scene.

For this concert, Black Pink gave my heart the idea. Concert title was placed IN YOUR AREA & # 39; also from the Black Pink idea, and all members were prepared with passion and enthusiasm.

Black Pink has been dedicated to practice sweating beads for a complete concert. It was reported that the audience carefully checked the special audio and equipment, including the gaming line, on the 9th afternoon, the day before the concert. In order to be perfect, she has also been professional with many live bands in this show. Black Pink said he had done his best to alleviate the atmosphere of the scene while communicating closely with the directors and staff without feeling of power through & # 39; r practice.

After the show started, the pre-production video was released. In the video, Black Pink escapes from an incredible momentum room and shows him how to go to Blink. In the process, the victory of the senior group seemed surprisingly and it was fun for the fun.

Each single Black Pink member was then prepared for the stage. First, the index of the name & CLARITY & # 39; and revealed his rock vocal ability. Lisa made a sexy and enchanting start with "I DO IT", "FADED" and "ATTENTION". Rosetta focused on her, and she looked, and looked at me.

The final single cam was Jenny's part. Jenny's new song, SOLO, released as the first Black Pink runner, was released for the first time through the concert. Jenny made a single debut as she revealed her "SOLO" music video. Jenny is releasing LAST & # 39; on the 12th. After Jenny's solo debut, he celebrated his solo debut with "I was very proud and very proud".

After the Jenny period, an unexpected victory scene revealed. I was a guest of this show. Victory was a bit hit, Bang Bang's, Fantastic Baby sang & # 39; as an older singer in my jail. Victory "I'm confident that Black Pink will go across the world starting with the gymnastics field." Meanwhile, her individual songs were added & WHERE; & # 39; A & # 39; Three Seltenny to make fans enthusiastically. In support of the victory, Black Pink said, "I used to watch the concert at the time of the training, but I'm very glad that you have come to a concert. "

On the stage again, Black Pink released a live performance of KISS AND MAKE UP & # 39; and it became a hot topic with the famous Pop Star & Second Ripa & # 39 ;. Then we knocked out & # 39; SO HOT & # 39; (Wonder Girls) and re-interpreted as a black pink color only. Since then, he has been singing REALLY & # 39; and SEE U LATER &, and has enjoyed the performance.

This concert period was also proud of a beautiful production & # 39; and GT. First of all, the stunning and specially designed set of traditional Korean housemates reminds the audience. In addition, we installed a large spray on the stage, and we realized natural phenomena as a special effect, and provided more extensive effects.

Black Pink has a dance time with SHOT & # 39; following & # 39; fire, and members' farming has taken attention to the supporters with choreography. Then, Black Pink came from the name & Boombarya, Like the Last & # 39; leading the fans to the end of the performance.

After the show, the Black Pink Index said, "It was so good, it was punctual, and I felt that I had a new and scared feeling, as I was always close to Blink. Jenny said, "I think we can do it in a big theater so we can bend, and thank you for bringing us for a short period of 2 years. , Thank you for saying "I'll become black pink". Black Pink is a raw song, "Whistle", "Toowo", "STAY" and great fun for fans.

This concert in Seoul is an ideal place where fans and fans meet for the first time after setting up the first BLINK, a Black Pink official fan club. The Black Pink concert, which will bring the minds and fans with spectacular performances and unusual shapes, will take place in the same place at 5pm on 11 November following the performance.

On the 11th, Gianti, one of the most popular sound sources, scrambles. YG Entertainment's Black Pink and YG Black Label's Giants perform in the same location as musicians.

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