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[단독인터뷰] Now I can say; – Lim Chang-yong, a lot of misunderstanding and truths around it


Lim Chang-yong. Our name is flourishing only by listening.
One of Korea's finished biscuits has enjoyed a period. A pitcher who had experienced Korea-US-Japan issues and received confirmation of the islands. It is also a side arm textbook that attracts many baseball fans with tremendous flexibility and backyard fighter nature. It was a great discontent to meet him who was only two months away from reporters' retirement statement.

But it wasn't just all. Another emotion that disturbs the head of the reporter is afraid. Lim Chang-yong is famous for Funguna. This is the most appropriate word to represent Lim Chang-yong. There was a variable that Kim Ki resigned before an interview the previous day. In fact, what kind of story did Lim Chang-yong receive the interview? And what does the reporter want to hear and talk to? Even the moment I went to the attention site, my mind was complicated by the time. There is a Lim Chang-yong meeting, which wants to say something like that, and an obscure journalist who wants to hear something started like & # 39; these.

1. Feng Yun-y Lim Chang-yong "It has been a long time since I gave the best to baseball"

< 저녁 7시를 좀 넘어서 모 호텔에서 임창용을 만났다. 여전히 날씬한 투수의 몸을 하고 있는 임창용을 보니 왠지 안심이 되었다. 그는 오랜만에 가족과의 시간을 만끽하고 있었다. 야구보다 축구를 좋아하는 어린 아들들, 그리고 일본에서 만났다는 와이프와 함께 서울 근교에 보금자리를 마련했다. 늘 해외에, 그리고 지방에 있어야만 했던 야구인생에서 유일하게 가족과 보내는 시간이라고 그는 웃는다. 아마 그는 지금도 새로운 무언가를 준비하고 있지 않을까. 그의 밝고 가벼운 표정에서 밝은 미래를 암시하는 한마디를 기대했다. 그러나 임창용의 첫마디는 예상보다 무겁고 또 강했다. “선수를 포기한지 오래되었습니다” >

Lim Chang-yong met at Seoul Moore Hotel

Q) I am so pleased to meet you. I would like to ask about the recent situation.
A) These days we play. I also enjoy the idea of ​​this. I recently enjoyed golf with my hobby.

C) It's not good to spend a lot of time with my family.
A) I have always been away from my family like Japan and America, but I haven't been with my family since I was in Seoul or Gwangju, but now I have settled in my house. However, both sons are more interested in football than baseball, so they go to the football classroom (laughter).

C) I announced my retirement on 11 March. Is there any background that suddenly declared retirement?
A) The frontages and bishops of every club were not very fond of me in the teams. Coaches also have a lot of junior coaches than me, so I think it will be uncomfortable. Although I'm a player, I couldn't touch it, and it would have been inconvenient to take me with another team. When I heard the news about the exit, I was meditating and I decided to retire because I thought it would be difficult for other teams to accept me.

C) I had no suggestion for recruitment. Of course, Lim Chang-yong has the image of being a difficult player, but personally I don't think all the teams will see it badly.
A) Of course, there were a number of recruitment restrictions. But the story just came and I did not make a decision. It may be because I am so difficult to deal with it and the image of the troublemaker. I didn't do well. It was true that many troubles …

Q) Have you ever thought about going to Australia or Taiwan?
A) I was thinking about everything from Mexico to Taiwan to Australia. But I wondered if I should go there and play baseball with my family for just one year (laughing)

C) I will ask directly. Lim Chang-yong is a player who no longer wants to play.
A) The player's hope is left. What kind of athlete life is left in a field until a retirement is announced? There is no such thing. The player has had quite a while, and since declaring his retirement, he has announced his retirement with the intention of not playing the player again.

2. "Resignation of Gimtae Kim … I only wanted one year with the Tigers."

< 임창용은 아직도 기아타이거즈에 꽤 나 많은 애정을 갖고 있었다. 지금까지 진행되어온 모든 경기를 지켜봤다고 말했다. 그리고 기아타이거즈를 둘러싸고 있는 각종 흐름에 대해서도 그는 잘 파악하고 있었다. 그는 말한다. 나는 그저 1년만 더 기아타이거즈와 동행하고 싶었을 뿐이라고… 그 마지막 1년을 함께 하지 못하게 만든 그 직언이 지금은 다소 후회된다고 말이다. >

"I just wanted one year with the Tigers" (Source = provided by KIA Tigers)

C) A few days ago Director Kim Ki stepped down. I think it's very complicated.
A) I was sick of it. This is the team I stayed in and this is my home team. So far, Kia Tigers has played around 44 games, but I haven't lost all the games. There were many unfortunate games, and many players have been injured, and I don't stay at the bottom of the present. So the director's self-esteem is strong, so he seems to have pulled himself back.

C) Indeed, Lim Chang-yong was unable to join Kia. I had a lot of grief from the gambling case. It was not a situation that could cause such trouble, but it's not upsetting that you have responded so directly.
A) To be honest. I really regret a little more, but I'd have already made mistakes and showed my supporters better then.

C) I want to check again. Isn't it right for Lim Chang-yong to ask the club to be released for the first time?
A) Not. Why did I ask you to release it in that situation? I could still throw the ball and I wanted to throw it until my body allowed it. And my old, and the situation was not good.

Lim Chang-yong and Kim Ju-chan (Source: KIA Tigers)
Lim Chang-yong and Kim Ju-chan (Source: KIA Tigers)

C) So it's okay to give the best to FA and stay in hunger.
A) What is FA? I wanted to add another year. I wanted to do more than just another year, not even more. I thought honestly that I could do another year with another team until then. After that, I thought about it, but my team made me feel uncomfortable, and the other team gave up quickly because I thought how uncomfortable it would be for me.

Q) In an interview with the media, Chae Kyung-hyun said, "It seems unfair to suggest Lim Chang-yong to train or retire."
A) It seems to be a formal story already. The decision had already been made at the club, and it was a matter of how to present it to me, but it seems that you have spoken directly as you are higher in a ball- t shallow. In my view, the term was over and the contract was over during the break, and I made clear my intention to stay in the FA period, and I wanted it to be because of the renewal contract to call me then. So I went to prepare my heart, but it was a warning. Joe is the star baseball and me. Then he said, He comforted the word. He asked me, "Will you make more baseball?" I said, "Yes, I will." So, "We seem to have finished our relationship. I decided to discuss it with the field and decided to release it." I don't have a moment to say "Yes. I understand." I was angry when I went out.

3. Why did Lim Chang-yong have no choice but instructed director Kim Ki-tea after taking a player's life?

< 작년 6월 초 그 사건은 기아타이거즈에나 임창용에게나 중요한 사건이었다. 임창용으로서는 선수 생활을 불명예스럽게 은퇴할 수밖에 없었던 계기가 되었고 기아타이거즈도 그 사건으로 인해서 팬들의 많은 지탄을 받았기 때문이다. 그리고 김기태 감독의 사퇴에 어느 정도 영향을 미쳤다는 것 또한 분명한 사실이기 때문이다. 그래서 그날의 진실에 조금 더 다가가 는 것은 분명 의미가 있는 일이다. 임창용은 왜 그때 그렇게 폭발할 수 밖에 없었고 또 선수생명을 걸고 직언을 할 수밖에 없었던 것일까 >

Why Lim Chang-yong was forced to make a direct call to the athlete (Source: KIA Tigers)

C) Although it has already been released to the press, I want to revisit the case again. I don't think I have a chance to pull this out anymore. The event is also an important event for Lim Lim-yong and Kia Tigers.
A) The event was on June 6 KT. Until then I was throwing into the end. On Sunday, June 3, Doosan threw 2 dreams and saved. However, on Wednesday, 6 June, I was ready for the 9-1 time with my team winning 4-1 at KT. But also rose (Kim) Yun Dong Lee, who doesn't work. 'Why would I do this? It is obvious that the country is the van and the place …. I wouldn't have got angry if I had told you in advance.

"I don't like it very much. I want to pick up Yoon-dong or I'll keep it for a long time as I'm older now. I want to pick up a young player so I would like you to sacrifice in the back. " . I had no desire to finish at this age, I wanted to play baseball for a year or two.

C) When I heard the reporter, this is not the key to changing the situation of Kim Yoon – dong, but the key point is that Kim Yoon – dong, who was not aware of Kim Il –
A) Yes. I think the players should be ready to talk to the athletes who played before the game or the day before the game. If you are a bishop, I believe you can tell me that. "If I say," I'll run like this and the players follow me like this, "who would rebel against it? The bishop does that … The sudden announcement in the situation is that there is no word and no preparation so confusing that the player is confused, obviously, my time to go out and ready to finish but if I don't use me, I feel bad because I think it's wrong.

And bishop Kim tries to take responsibility for all the bishops in their own style. Sometimes it seems too cumbersome. I think players do not have to carry all their burdens because they receive annual salaries, there are players only, and there are seats. Young players don't know what to go out if you don't know if you are coming in, but if you're a veteran, you have your style, order and a t Your own responsibilities are because you have been playing baseball for so long. Hopefully you would respect that responsibility.

C) There were some younger children who rose at the time, but the fact that Lim Chang-yong had complained about his pride and broken the team atmosphere. When I heard that story, it seemed that Lim Chang-yong had a bad thought.
A) People who did not know seemed to have been accepted. I feel jealous because I have lost my place by my youngest, and I think it happened. I swear it is not at all. I need to save, hold or stay on at this age. I didn't know it would be like this because I wanted to.

C) Indeed, it is unlikely that the case of Lim Chang-yong would have been so intense.
A) I suddenly did that. I've spent nearly three years since I went to the hunger. However, I have never done this story because it is a team and the atmosphere should not disappear. I thought good things were good for me. So it seems to me that it has been a bit of a blow to me. As higher, Kim is the best man. But personality seems to be the same as when I see it. It seems to be hit again because personality is similar.

Q) Why did you not tell such a story to instructors?
A) I had a lot of conversation with Mr. This trainer and I are in the second year of jinhunggo. "Trainer, don't do this. The players have a hard time. I have a tough time …. Set a solid role that day. We'll work hard to prepare." I don't know the trainer gave me the bishop or not, but I spoke to him a lot.

In July, Chang Chang-yong (source: KIA Tigers)

Q) Since the event, I have spoken to my younger pitch.
A) Then I collected all the players. So I explained that something like this happened. And I went to the 2nd group, saying, "I will be responsible for all of you, working hard and doing your best."

C) Indeed, many fans are curious about the conversation with director Kim Ki-tea since June 6th. Now she's over and Kim's Director isn't on stage.
A) As soon as I started, the bishop said, "Do you want to try me with me?" So I said, "What are you doing with the boss and me? I will do as the bishop does. Decide on your role at 7th, 8th, 9th. But if you are You asked me to leave at any time, what kind of tone will I do? "However, it seemed that Kim Ki – did not accept it. The bishop then asked me. "How can I do that? Can you let it go? Would you like me to trade?" I asked, "Do what your boss can do." Here's an interview with Kim Ki-tae in June when many people are curious.

C) Suddenly, I went to Group 2, but on July 10, I was brought up to the 1st Army and moved to the choice.
A) I thought I was angry when I first phoned me. So I accepted that. The manager wanted to be angry and intended to write me. So I thought I'd be very hard. I am sorry that I was sent down to the 2nd Army in June, if you let me release it, or if you let me trade, I thought I'd have play baseball so far. However, when I thought that was the emotional retaliation I was thinking when I suddenly invited me to finish that and wrote the start and released the message immediately. At that time, you seemed to want to be good at my choice. By the way, I think I had played my role at least, but something is more angry because it is being released.

C) There also seems to be a story that Lim Chang-yong wants the initial pitcher. Is it true?
A) Not. In fact, I was not doing any exercise at that time. I wanted to end up; now. I wanted a solution from the club that was releasing the trade and I was waiting for the answer. Suddenly, I came back to the 1st Army. I thought honestly that I was lucky if I didn't fit in the first group, but I was lucky. Suddenly, coach Lee Dae-jin came and said, "Do you want to start a game?" So, "I'll do it," he replied.

To be clear, however, I was never selected. I wanted to be a beginner at the camp, but I didn't want to be a beginner during the season when there was no preparation. At the time of the camp "Isn't our initial 5 holes? I have that age, so just pick it up once a week. I will choose five. Then I'm really good at it." But he didn't want to start in the middle the season. But the article says I want to start the choice. I heard that and there was no trouble.

– Lim Chang-yong 3-for-4 went with an ERA of 6.64 after starting his career in 12 games. It was somewhat disappointing at first, but after the rest of the Asian tournament, the team had a firm start with a 5-or-more saving, with one exception. It is favorable for a sudden change in the beginning. And he played as a first team pitcher until the decision of the wild card. In the 2018 season, Lim Chang-yong came in 37 games, five wins, five losses, and four saved with four hits and an ERA of 5.42. –

4. Now we can say. From Jae-Won Wins Misunderstanding and Evilty about Disorder in 2016

<2016년 8월 27일 임창용은 오재원을 향해 던진 위협 견제구로 인해서 많은 지탄을 받았다. 불법 도박사건의 징계를 받고 갓 복귀한 선수가 해서는 안 되는 행동이었기에 더더욱 그랬다. 이유여하를 막론하고 그날 임창용의 행동은 잘못되었다. 임창용 또한 잘못되었다는 것을 부인하지 않는다. 다만 임창용은 절대 그러고 싶지 않았다는 것, 그리고 어쩔 수 없는 부분이 있었다는 것만은 알아주길 바랐다. 그가 모든 비난을 온 몸으로 받아내면서도 지금껏 한 마디도 하지 않은 이유이기도 했다. >

Lim Chang-yong, Oh Jae-won the event (Source: KIA Tigers)

C) On August 27, 2016, Doosan Bears received many complaints against Chang Jong-yong because of threat control against Oh Jae. Now that three years have passed, you can tell the truth then.
A) Now that we have passed, we can talk. I never wanted to fit with the player. Indeed, the rules of the team at the time. I am sorry for the team player because he ruled the team and I didn't want to do it, but I had to do it. The team's rules were the day before the game. "If you play the indifference that has to steal, pretend it is a check, put it wherever you are," the rule was, and the day of & # 39 before I heard the instructor more time. However, in a situation where I threw it, a situation came out.

It was not a situation where I could not pretend that I had been forgotten because it was a rule set in the past. If I don't achieve the rules set by my colleague, my trainer – coach and team – is reminded. In addition, the young players watch, but when the oldest man speaks, there is no word to say. How to do it. It was a threat check that came out of my mind when I was thinking "I have to adjust." When the problem grew, the bishop said he came to the shave the next day, "I'm sorry I can't keep you."

C) Although Lim Chang-yong did not do well, we could have solved this misunderstanding by even apologizing later. Did you not get a lot of grief from that event?
A) I'm not a mad personality. The so-called selling (?) Something was released, but it was not my character and he did not say anything. I then played 120 hours of community service in three games. Could it be released much sooner had it been said or done?

Q) When did last year's event start, did you not think of this story? The act was wrong, but it is also true that Lim Chang-yong is true of Kia Tigers and is sacrificed to the team.
A) I can't interview. Reporters do not even ask for an interview. Originally it's just a personality worry. I'm just talking about my personality. If I could talk to you, I would only lose money. So I rejected all my interviews with Samsung and Kia. "I'm not interviewing, so don't leave it," I asked the club. MVP game I asked you not to let me do this because I can't accept it. This was because I feared I could make a mistake.

– There is a lol in the pro. And the player that carries an inevitable sentence is sacrificed to the group of the team by making all sorts of complaints and doing things that shouldn't be done as a partner to the team; r objector. However, it's not great to make a question of this kind. Lim Chang-yong certainly recognizes his wrong action. I did not say a word of honorable behavior. However, Lim Chang-yong was so burdensome that he had to return to gambling overseas abroad to do so. This was a sacrifice for the team in the case of Lim Chang-yong. –

5. Veteran of the Kia Tigers home team and Korean professional baseball ball, Lim Lim-yong view

< 임창용은 드물게 한미일을 모두 경험한 베테랑 투수다. 그냥 경험한 것도 아니고 매우 잘했던 선수다. 평생을 마무리로 활약한 그 이기에 생애 처음으로 제삼자의 입장에서 바라본 한국프로야구는 또 다른 느낌일 듯 했다. >

(Source = provided by KIA Tigers)
What do Tigers look like? (Source: KIA Tigers)

C) He has lived his life in the ball. Kia has also recently had problems with the bailiff. There are many stories about the bullpen Kia. I think there are a lot of things I don't like.
A) I had a lot of conversation with my instructor. There are many young players in our little boys. I've been playing burdens for a long time, and I feel sorry for the best thing, as soon as our bull climbs and runs. If there is an emergency, another pitcher comes out. Then the pitcher who comes out is also onerous, and the pitcher who is falling is also a burden. It's becoming cumbersome for each other. Kia obviously has good poachers. There are many pickers who want to be better than me. But I don't know why not. My

The burden seems to be thinking. I have a very good score and I seem to be the biggest thing I can't give up. I don't want to run a runner on the runner ~ I change it if it's hit; I have a feeling of psychology, I'm becoming scared and still feel anxiety is a vicious circle. In the bailey, the ball pits are clearly visible. I think that if you are judged to be pitching, you should continue to give responsibility and belief.

Lim Chang-yong comments on the younger breed breed (Source: KIA Tigers) t

C) Recently, my younger brother, Yang Hyun Jong, told me that he had not to overwork, so he got a lot of punishment from his fans.
A) Only you know whether you have been overworked or not. However, not all fans and the people around you can feel too much afraid. I've thrown 200 throws a few years and I seem to have thrown too much at my sight. Hyeonjong has a strong sense of self-esteem and is as greedy as throwing. He wants to throw 200 items a year and wants to improve his ERA.

When I look at my senior job, I have to know how to take a break when I rest, but I am sorry to see that I have not experienced this kind yet. If I were our coach or coach, I would have forced him to rest. Hector – Hyeon-jong won 20 games with more than 200 works, and I thought I would have turned him into the start of next year. I think we only use it once a week. I don't think I could throw 200 things, so I thought I would be clear when I went out and felt that I had to pick up other kids. This is because this is the time to get the least burden on the grades because I have won the championship. I think it would have been fine to rebuild it naturally. I think rebuilding should be natural. I think this was the most natural form that Hyunjong could live and the team could save.

"Lim Chang-yong does not forget hunger all along" (Source: KIA Tigers)

Q) When the last generation of hunger is released, the younger generation did not feel sorry.
A) Some older people are bad and some are sad. Of course, the starving hunger also spoke a lot. Ji-chan, the captain, was very sorry for his brother, Bumho, or younger children of Kia.

C) I had experience of Korea – Japan – USA. The systematic part of Korean professional baseball seems to be a shame.
A) I don't want to be honest about foreign stories because I'm a Korean player. But the systematic parts of foreign countries are so good that we can't speak. In the case of Japan, the initial rotation is six. Then the players are very comfortable. Once a day … and if the game is canceled due to rain, we will give the start to tomorrow's start, but not Japan. Give me another two days. The next day, the choice runs according to the intention and even the next player who leaves is allowed to keep his order. However, when Kim Kwang Hyun is canceled at the time of his selection, our country will go out again tomorrow. It's not good for our country to take one course for another day.

6. Lim Chang-yong "I'm ashamed as a member of society but I'm not shameful on the ground"

<임창용과 대화를 하면서 유독 가슴에 와 닿는 말은 1년이라는 짧은 한 단어였다. 그 1년을 더 하지 못한 것이 무척이나 아쉬워보였다. 구차하게 버티기 위한 1년이 아니다. 본인이 스스로  유니폼을 벗을 수 있는 정리를 위한 1년이었다. 그는 각종 구설수를 몰고다닌 트러블메이커가 맞다. 지금 이렇게 쓸쓸하게 은퇴를 한 것은 그 대가일지 모른다. 하지만 그의 사생활이 어떠했던 그가 대한민국 역사가 기억하는 최고의 투수 중 한명이라는 사실은 변하지 않는다. 비록 은퇴식도 없이 이렇게 선수생활을 마감했지만 그는 꼭 한 가지만큼은 팬들이 알아주길 원했다. 인간 임창용은 부끄러웠지만 투수 임창용은 그라운드 안에서만큼은 언제나 항상 최선을 다해서 부끄럽지 않게 뛰어왔던 프로야구 선수였다는 것.... 그 사실 말이다. >

On July 11, Lee Chang-yong, who is preparing a legend game, t

Q) I'm surprised to hear the story of Lim Chang-yong. I'm sorry to tell you this, but I thought that Lim Chang-yong was a player who thought himself alone and he was good on his own.
A) I'm doing that when I'm playing baseball. I don't touch other players. If I touch the players, it will attack the instructor's area. As I'm a player, I only need a player role properly. There is a story in the press that the elders should lead the players, but I hate that. I'm also a player, and why am I leading the players? The bishop and the instructor lead the players. Of course, I can catch the army and I can create a team atmosphere, but I don't think I should teach anyone.

I have no desire to lead, but I have a clear idea that my younger children will learn from what I do. So I am confident that I have shown my best in the field as much as I can. I think it's important for my younger children to show me how I'm doing, rather than how to do it. My body managers have my knowledge and I have shown all these on the floor. Younger children's minds are watching, learning and getting upset, and younger children don't pass, and that's not pro.

(Source = provided by KIA Tigers)
"I am ashamed as a man of society, but I'm not as shy as I am on the ground" (Source = provided by KIA Tigers)

C) It is true that Lim Chang-yong has a lot of anti-things if we do a lot of talking.
A) I have pride, and because I'm so strong, I might look a bit stronger on the plot. But my acquaintances say they don't. I have a very shy personality. I don't talk to people I don't know because I don't have a shovel. I can't say. Now that I'm talking about a professional story, I can only talk about this story. I might have believed, but I couldn't even talk about it when I was a little girl. When I started, I spoke, but I didn't seem to get there first.

C) But I sat down with the reporter to solve a number of misunderstandings and reveal the truth. I think you have something to tell your supporters.
A) I was taking a break, so I thought about it. I've seen a lot of damage ~ I've had a lot of trouble. I didn't say anything because I wanted to tell me what I would have to say. I'm not worried if it's sad, but now my sons are old enough to look for articles and find comments. But when the odd comments or articles come out, I have to explain to my sons. I am a Korean citizen of the Republic of Korea. And as you know, I cannot say that I have done well in my social life. I admit. However, I am proud that I have always done my best, not ashamed as a professional player.

< 뒤 이어 사장시키기 아까운 임창용 선수의 인터뷰 내용을 묶어 지금까지 임창용의 24년의 프로야구생활을 정리하는 솔직담백한 인터뷰를 추가 기고해볼까 합니다 >

Minister for Sports Communication Sang Sang Il ([email protected])

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