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[김연주의 뉴스 저격] "Cherry flowers in order to ruin a college in the old saying, falling at one time" –

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As a survival craft, President of the university, including the president,

Recently, several other local college students came to university in Seoul. Due to financial difficulties, the school has come to offer to undertake the hard work of the college. "The university has been on the market recently," said a college official. "Everyone will have to take the college over these days."

Some private colleges in the province are arguing about "I can't run the school because the financial difficulty is too serious." On the outside, there are also popular universities on the market. Myeongji Academy, which ran Myongji University and Myungji College, recently failed to repay 192 billion earned debts, so creditors filed for bankruptcy. If the school corporation goes bankrupt and doesn't find a new buyer, the university should take steps to close the school.

Universities have reached this point because the training has been frozen for over 10 years, and tuition fees have dropped sharply due to the low number of students due to low fertility. The Ministry of Education announces a "bad college award" for universities with low recruitment rates and low scores, and finishes financial support.

The situation in the future seems to be getting worse and worse. The Ministry of Education estimates that 191 universities and 38 out of 137 vocational colleges will not open any single fresh man in 2021, and close the doors. Two years from now on. If the number of universities recruited last year (483 thousand) remain the same, the number of university graduates will increase by more than 56,000 in the year 2021. Dozens of universities are on the verge of bankruptcy. What is happening now in private universities on a survival route? The president, the corporation's official, and the deputy graduates communicate the development of the local private university.

Yeongnam Prime official corporation

– There was a problem of corruption in the foundation, and the government director was sent, and was normalized a few years ago. There were more than 10 birds during the dispatch. As there is no owner, the teachers chose the school as a will.

– After the new foundation acquired, I wanted to reduce the number of departments and be stable, but now I cannot recruit students. Until a few years ago, the recruitment rate for new students was 90%, but now below 70%. Within a decade, a third of secondary school students in this area have disappeared. Even if it is hard to pick up fresh men, hundreds of students go to other universities a year. The children will not return if they are in the army. It's an old saying that the cherry flowers bloom in order to ruin universities. It will fall immediately.

Last August, I grew up in front of Hansei University library in Donghae city, Gangwon. Eventually, it was forcefully closed by the government in February last year (left). On August 8, a national university union of college staff held a conference to press in front of Cheda Wa Dae in Jongno-gu, Seoul, saying,
Last August, I grew up in front of Hansei University library in Donghae city, Gangwon. Eventually, it was forcefully closed by the government in February last year (left). On August 8, a national university union of college staff held a conference in front of Cheda Wa Dae in Jongno-gu, Seoul, saying, "The government is neglecting higher education policy. budget for higher education "(right). t / News

The hardest thing is financial hardship. The government freezes its training for more than 10 years, making it a deficit every year. There are no reserves, and all learning income. In fact, even if the government says raising tuition fees; Who will come if the area is expensive to pay the tuition fee?

– There's a problem even if the department is restructured as a self-help measure. I recently moved a family, and I have to guarantee my classes until I graduate. There are two or three students, but the teacher's salary goes on. In this situation, the teachers and the staff members disagree with their rice bowls, and they don't care about the college. I feel frustrated.

President Honam B

– If the tuition fee is 100, the expenditure is 115. I cannot dream of investing in a new education for my students, and I can barely maintain the status quo. Sometimes the situation is so difficult, and sometimes the pay of the staff is delayed a week or a month later. The people who do business are urgent. As well as us, these universities are unique.

– Last year, 40% of the government's evaluation was distributed terribly. However, a few days ago, we have re-evaluated the universities at a low level and have given them an average of 2.3 billion. He killed the college twice. I can't lift my face.

– When I went to a neighboring secondary school, students were reduced by one class each year. The sense of crisis is enormous. It means that the number of children going to college reduces so much. Now, however, college managers are trying to get out of school and there is no retreat. I don't want the founder to take all my property. I want you to be able to pay in on school site or facility. So you can give your employees a paid wage. However, the municipality doesn't change the use of the school site, it's not sold, it's not cash, the site is neglected, and members cannot be compensated. Therefore, no member of the school closes the door.

Professor in C major Yeongnam

The College's Garden Graphs continue as a Decline of School Age Population

– We had to freeze the pay of the staff with care for sharing the pain when the government's financial support came to the bottom of the government's evaluation eight years ago. Recently, retired teachers have filed a legal case claiming, "You should pay 500 million to earn a month for freezing wages." The university has recently lost the second degree, and at the end of the year the teachers paid for three years. Teachers even asked us why our wages were frozen and the president has raised the cost of doing business. Other universities are said to be in crisis because of financial difficulties, and we fight for internal fighting.

– The operation of the University is very difficult. The tuition fee is for 10 years, but the price will inevitably scratch the bottom of the crumbs. It doesn't mean a college is just a class. Students need a range of programs, such as studying abroad, academic events, etc, which can help students. Teachers also pay my business trip. Each member has a lot of fatigue.

– So far, student numbers have been steadily falling, but the rate of decline in the next few years will be enormous. From this year, any university will fall down the cliff if you go from its place. Korean universities are in a position they haven't seen from the front. We also heard about good schools in the area, but I didn't know how to go down like this in 10 years.

Even on school grounds, the liquidation procedure is complicated and the favorable treatment is … 'Dilema'; ineffective universities
You have to give some of your contributions to the founder so that they can organize themselves.

The Ministry of Education has been pressing for "restructuring universities" to prepare for the student population that has declined since 2013, but the results are slow. Only 16 universities have closed since 2000. This is because the government has not been able to legislate and would force the university to close the poor university or to; w making it possible for poor universities to close themselves.

Lee Myung-bak · Park Geun-hye During the government, he received private university restructuring law; university restructuring bill; but the discussion was not discussed at the National Assembly. There was a debate about the privilege that allowed private companies to retire when they had ceased so that they could return some of their contributions to founders. Even in the 20th National Assembly in 2016, a similar bill on Promotion and Supporting University Reform has been initiated, but is still under parliament.

There are no measures for the management of closed colleges. Closed colleges and universities usually pay many debts such as salaries and unpaid wages. Although it is possible to solve debt by selling property such as school grounds, there are many cases where universities of such have been located in the suburbs, and dissolution procedures are complex.

An official of the Ministry of Education said, "It is reluctant for the local government to change the purpose of the school site for someone to buy it and to develop it. For this reason, only one of The 16 universities that have closed since 2000 have sold properties.

The Ministry of Education decided to establish a dedicated agency to manage the sale of closed school colleges, and last year changed the law and applied for 100 billion earned in the budget, but the Ministry of Strategy and Finance broke all the amount. The Ministry of Education set up a scheme to pay the unpaid college teachers to the college first, and then to sell the property and collect it, which was negative. The Ministry of Education said, "As the number of students in the next two to three years is expected to fall dramatically, we will try to establish a base law and secure a budget in the second half of this year."

Kim Kyung-ho, a professor at Sungshin Women's University, said, "If you want to be able to organize your own cheating, you should give them some money back to founders. In the past, the government has allowed some of The contributions should be returned to the founders for incentive payments, and the assets remaining to appear in public corporations in order to incentivize this example should be applied to universities for a limited period.

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