Monday , July 4 2022

[국제]North Korean Ambassador to the United Nations "Cargo ship must be seized illegally … return straight"



The North Korean ambassador urged the United Nations, Kim Seong, the US to return a seized North Korean cargo immediately.

Contact Washington correspondent to learn more. Reporter Kim Hee-joon!

North Korean UN Ambassador, Kim Sung-sung, insisted that the cargo ship returned after criticizing the US action.


Kim Jong-il, the North Korean Ambassador to the United Nations, has started a lightning conference for the press at the UN headquarters in New York at 11:20 last night.

This was the key content of a press conference that the US government had seized North Korean's "Wise Ernest" illegally and said he should return without delay.

Ambassador Kim said that seizure of the "Wise Ernest" by the US on the basis of North Korean sanctions was part of the US's conflict policy towards North Korea.

At the first North American summit in Singapore last June, a Joint Statement, agreed by both sides, urged a North Korean cargo ship to be returned based on the spirit of establishing a new North American relationship.

Ambassador Kim also urged the United Nations and the international community to raise the sanctions against North Korea.

In the meantime, after the meeting, questions about the impact of North America's dialogue on the prejudices of cargo ships did not pour, and the response of Ambassador Kim, who said that we would answer the questions immediately, very long. .

He said he was surprised by recent US actions against North Korea and repeatedly stressed that these measures were contrary to the spirit of Singapore's consensus.

I then spoke to the rest of the questions about the next opportunity.

He also said that the question of North Korea's apology for the death of a US college student, Otomo Beer, who was buried in North Korea and his return, was not clear from the theme of the interview.

Earlier, the US Department of Justice seized Ernest Wise on charges of sanctions in the hours after North Korea fired a missile projected as a short field missile.

He said there was no political support for the move, but it was actually accepted as a circumstantial pressure on the launch of North Korea.

In response, North Korea has criticized the US for its basic color and has demanded a return by a statement from the Foreign Ministry spokesman.

So far, I was told in Washington.

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