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Yokohama female rejection, has arrested suspect of attempting a murder of robbery on a 71 year old man | MBS news across the country


Yokohama wounded women, a 71-year-old man is arrested for attempting a murder of robbery

Update: 2018-11-13 03: 57

After arresting for suspicion of attempting a murder of theft, he is unemployed · Ryo Yumie (71) living in Yokohama-shi Kanagawa-ku. Omi anticipated that he was trying to kill the back and belly Koji Hirose (34), a company worker living nearby in the shopping area of ​​Kanagawa Ward in the shopping arcade during the hours of November 11, with a knife and throwing Y & # 39; n. Mr Hirose is a serious injury for the whole month.

Mr. seems to Omi as a police officer in front of the incident in the security camera near the scene, Omi suspects that Mr Hirose is suddenly attacked with a knife from behind.

According to the neighbors, Mr. Omi lived with a wife of two people, who was usually a quiet personality, but said drinking habits were bad.

"Serious person, I was doing an officer (in neighborhood association), a nice man" (residents near the house in suspicion)
"After being hospitalized due to the blow of the brain, I have been wearing it for a long time since he left hospital" (residents near the house in suspicion)

In the case, Omi admitted to the claim that he was doing "I do so to take money", but the police are trying to investigate & # 39; The detailed background, such as why Mr. Omi's Mr. Hirose I will be. (13th 00: 46)

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