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Urawa moves on to ACL 16 strongly! 1 goal 1 Nagasawa midfielder helps lead Beijing Guoyasu 2-0 (ZONE Football website) -Yahoo!


21 May (Tuesday) 19:48

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Achieve color appearance in emergency participation through injury to Tochigi If a group victory is reached

League final AFC Cup Champions League (USA) Urawa Reds, the final stage of the Beijing Guoan (China) Home group stage against the first half of the first half of the game by Kazawa Nagasawa midfielder is 1 I got 2-0 back.

【List】 AFC Champions League Group Component (ACL) G

Urawa made a big turnout against Shonan Bellmare (2-3) from Round 12 of the J1 League on the 17th, and the surviving members returned to Stamen on a piece. The final of the match with Beijing with 7 points started with a 0-0 draw or draw.

However, an accident occurs one minute after the start. Urawa was injured by a rough tackle rushing to the other player's pocket, when captain MF Yosuke Inoki won a second ball on the left side of the field. In this scene, Iraqi referee Ali Al Qaishi went foul but did not present a yellow card. After all, Tochigi continued to play while dragging his feet until 10 minutes, but was deemed unable to continue playing and replaced 13 minutes by MF Nagasawa Kazuki and regret.

Meanwhile, MF Ryota Moriwaki who received a cross on the far side, which broke down the left side, was Urawa who had also made a big chance to go back and aim for the left foot, but need at least one point over time Beijing has been able to catch the ball. Beijing was also forced to replace MF Qi Jong Guo after being injured in 18 minutes at the same time, but the system was changed to 4-2-3-1 then. The game's rhythm is created by MF Renato Augusto who went down to Boranc.

In the 22 th minute, Augusto's second-hand corner kick attack came before the Congo side striker Cedrick Bakmub scored a goal in front of GK Nishikawa. In the same 25 minutes, Bacambu came out on bass through Augusto, but Nishikawa, who was aware of him and saved the distance, saved a one-to-one fine shot with a single left foot.

Then in the 34th minute Urawa broke out of the center and Nagasawa, who received a ticket from FW Muto Yuuki, shot a foot-shot after an opponent's defender. This was hitting the opponent's goalkeeper in the opposite direction and being sucked into the goal and getting a first goal goal.

In addition, Urawa played for August 41 minutes, and Nagasawa, who played in August in a midfield bout, immediately broke through the left side, moving on to the center and passing Muto politely. Muto poured this with his right foot, spreading the 2-0 lead and rushing into half time.

In the second half, Urawa wants to seal Beijing, which is expected to be a fierce attack, and decided to go through the group period to win the first Asian victory in two years.

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