Monday , January 17 2022

UPDATE 1 – Consumer prices, October + 1.0% year on year + 1% energy contribution to refuse Reuters


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TOKYO, November 22 (Reuters) – The Ministry of Public Administration, Home Affairs, Jobs and Telecommunications announced on October 22 the national consumer price index (core CPI excluding fresh food) rose 1.0% year on year. The semi-positive is the same as the previous month. The increase in energy related to gasoline and the like contributes to the increase in crude oil. Plus for 22 months in a row.

Reuters released a private preview up 1.0%.

"Kerosene" increased 25.8%, "Gasoline" from 17.8%, to contribute to an increase in energy related to the increase in crude oil prices. However, crude oil prices are on a downward trend, and it is expected that energy contribution will weaken from now on.

Among the 523 items composed, 268 items were raised. The ratio is 51.2%. There were 183 items decreasing, while 72 items were unchanged.

The comprehensive index increased by October 1.4% of the previous year, and the range increased by 1.2% in the previous month. This is due to increasing fresh vegetables such as green onions and lettuce in unstable weather. A comprehensive index excludes food and fresh energy 0.4% of the previous year. (Shimizu Ritsuko)

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