Thursday , June 30 2022

"Stories of the Star Games, One Time Version" will be released soon in Steam – PANORA


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8th Bicycle, mysterious adventure purposeful communication "Story of a piece of star, piece versionMsgid "A PC version released in Steam was published. The submission date is coming soon (after November 22), the price of 2800 yen. The corresponding VG Goglau is HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality.

A version has to move from the same title that was developed by Forge Vision and released for the PlayStation VR on January 26th, and can switch between audio and subtitles in Japanese / English. The following titles can be found as download the content for a limited period of 3 weeks (planned) from the startup distribution.

· Wallpaper "Story of the star illustrations, one piece version"
· "The Story of Star Particle, Single Version" Soundtrack
· Story illustrations story, one piece version "Oral-play script data
· The story of the star illustrations, the length of the story, in shape

● Story
A girl has left in a piece of star. You can not escape or recognize other broken stars and losing their power. However, there was an individual point that could "intervene" from another world only at one time where the world co-ordinating axis overlap. A player who stands at the single point can enter a parallel world by suffering the "device (VR system) that can see other worlds" that earns and can identify together with a girl He was. Both will solve the mystery by working together, and aim to escape by restoring the power by restoring the star to their original state.

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In a case
In a case
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