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Softbank operating income increased from 62.4% to 1,420.7 billion yen Results for the second quarter of the financial year ending on March 31, 2019 – Car Watch


Mr Masayoshi Son, chairman and president of SOFTBANK Group, Ltd.

On 5 November, the SOFTBANK Group held an explanatory meeting on earnings results in the second quarter of the 2019 fiscal (April 1 – September 30, 2018) in Tokyo. The SOFTBANK Group is a holding company that includes SOFTBANK, a communications carrier and Yahoo! which provides Internet services, as well as the "SOFTBANK investment" Fund of investment funds, which are funded by Saudi Arabia etc. , It's the core company of the SOFTBANK Group.

The Chairman of the Court of Softbank and President Mr. Masayoshi is at the beginning of the briefing, "I would like to express my deep appreciation that Mr Kashoghi's death should not happen, I would like the Saudi Arabia to disclose the truth" Having stated in the official place the first time about the death event journalist that took place in the Saudi Arabia post in Turkey.

SOFTBANK operating income for the first half of the financial year ending on March 31, 2019 was 1,420.7 billion yen, an increase of 62.4% of the same period last year. In particular, the contribution of the Vision Fund was large, and it was explained that the amount was increasing.

Also, despite the Secretary of the Cabinet's First Secretary, Cabinet Secretary, Cabinet Secretary Koizumi, says that the fee for mobile phones can be reduced by 40%, while a reduction in the fee is being discussed in telecommunications carriers, Mr. Sun "We want to reduce 40% of employees who use it." By introducing AI technology and robot technology, we explained that we will build a structure that will generate profit even if we cut 40% by removing workers who & Telecommunications business related to other growth businesses.

Mr Jamal Kashogi's event is "It should not be done" and Ms. Sun

Mr Sunshi expresses Mr Kashoghi's case as "What should not be done"

Mr Sun said, "I want to talk about Mr. Kashogi's incident at the beginning, I realized that it was a very awful event that should not be done. As well as ending an individual from the name Mr Kashoghi, journalism, speech I get a serious problem against freedom and I want to show a strong divergence for this case. After the event was discovered, there was an event in Saudi Arabia, I can cancel participation , but it is Saudi Arabia. "We wanted to meet senior Saudi Saudi officials directly and purpose to convey anxiety, I will explain the details of the case and ask for a responsible explanation," said Saudi Arabian journalist in Turkey expressed a shame that Saudi Arabia was involved in the case where Mr Jamal Kashogi was killed.

This is the aspect of the SOFTBANK attitude as it invests in VISIT SOFTBANK · a fund, which SOFTBANK Group implements, Saudi Arabia is an investor, internationally, Saudi Arabia becomes stronger, Things that received what was being done. The SOFTBANK Group revealed its attitude towards the case by unfortunate expressions.

However, on the other hand, he said, "We are keeping money from Saudi Arabia people, diversifying the Saudi Arabia economy, money that has such responsibilities. Responsibility for the future of Saudi citizens, We should do it without turning back , I hope that the event's check will be investigated and an accurate explanation will be made. "For the time being, the vision fund that currently receives investment from Saudi Arabia remains unchanged Also, he explained the policy to do. Also, in the question and answer, "Money is still in the current vision fund, investment companies are listing more and cash-making is also being done. It's too early to see visions · reservoirs 2 and 3 "I want to consider it carefully, so I quoted some comments with small incentive to cases such as scale of involvement in the case of the Saudi Arabia government event, when other facts became clear in the future.

Escape "Softbank 2.0" as a strategic holding company and I would like to extend it without excuses

Mr. Sun-da explains the settlement of accounts for the second quarter of the financial year ending on March 31, 2019

After that, I explained about the usual account settlement and said, "It was understood that Traditional SOFTBANK is a communications company. In SoftBank 2.0, evolves as a strategic holding company and realizes the information revolution with many fighters. p it was realized, "explaining that growth is accelerated by using the term" group strategy "often used by Mr Sun, recently.

And present the executive return of the SOFTBANK Group during the first half of the financial year ending March 2019, which increased by 62% to 1.4 trillion yen, including the vision fund. Mr Sun Chan said, "Enterprise businesses are too high compared to eight years ago, and it is said that vision funds are too big to invest, and it is often said that it is harder than that, and vice versa, when I was told so, I thought that I wanted to show it in the results, but I could do it as expected ", it showed it pleased that I could achieve achievements contrary to & # 39 ; the greatest expectations He was.

Mr Sun Chan said, "Vision funds can go well enough, I want to make this momentum throughout the year, the scale profits that SOFTBANK did not experience, well beyond this year's scale next year, the experiences of a Japanese economy It is not possible to make an executive profit without it. It was said that "Petit Hage" was every ten years and twenty years ago after that many times, but never envisaged. I have never fallen down, I can. I'm glad I would like to extend it without hesitation, "he says confidently that he will continue to grow the SOFTBANK Group.

Financial standing

In addition, sales are 6%, interest-free debts (obligations that need to pay interest) also remain within the range of times of sale as other companies say "soft punk" in I still stayed in a problem-free variety, "he said, saying that the company's financial is healthy.

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