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"Sid Myers Civilization VI" for Nintendo Switch, download the version start distributing! – Watch Game


2K and Firaxis Games launched the download version of the "Sid Myers Civilization VI" simulation for Nintendo Switch on November 16 at NSendo eShop. The price is 5,741 yen (excluding tax). It is intended to release the package version on December 6, and the price is 6,300 yen (excluding tax).

"Civilization" is a time-based strategy game created by Mr. Sid Meyer, legendary game designer. One of 24 leaders have been named in history, exploring the world, developing culture, establishing war, peace and competing with other nominated leaders "time test" We aim to build a country that can suffer.

In the Nintendo Change version, you can also play on your home TV, enjoy the touch screen as much as you want to enjoy as a mobile game in the pipeline. Multiple players (2 to 4 people) are also supported by connecting up to 4 Nintendo Switch organizations to the same point of entry. In addition to updates updates and upgrades, the following four content packages will be transferred with new civilizations, leaders and situations have been added.

· Cycling scenario package
· Polish civilization and scenario package
· Australian civilization and scenario package
· Engineering · Macedonia civilization and scenario package


Publish three film series that present how to play

For the beginners of this work, three video series (Japanese version) were produced presenting the content of the game and how to play.

Chapter 1: How to start a game

In the introduction video first, we introduce everything you need to know first to start "VI civilization" per one.


Chapter 2: How to take turns

In the second volume, I will always explain main steps. Research, construction, interaction with other leaders, assaults, etc. Making the most of your time is the key to prosperity in civilization.

How to get on with "Sid Myers Civilization VI" turned】

Episode 3: How to win the game

In the third bulletin, we presented in detail four conditions of victory ("conquest", "culture", "religion", "science"). You can not easily win any victory, but you can taste enough depth "Civilization VI".

How to win the game "Sid Myers Civilization VI"】

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