Thursday , August 18 2022

"Seven volumes for 5000 orders" "Shengen gold confectionery" The order number of the order confirmation mistake was also the order number, and even used a "Showa" -ITmedia slip


  1. "There are 50 volumes of 5000 volumes" Shingen gold sweets, a number of order orders ordered a mistake, a mistake, and even in the refueling period, use the slips of "Showa" ITmedia
  2. It's rude … I use slips from Showa, I ordered 5,000 volumes a mistake over 40 years ago-news (with news) withnews (with news) t
  3. Order 5000 with the intention of 50 Japanese sweet shop volume which keeps slip of Showa livedoor
  4. A Japanese style sweet shop that continues to use 5,000 mediators from the Showa to the Rekazu in Japan BuzzFeed subject t
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